Only Words

You say “I love you,” a recipe of letters
that could stir up a magical moment,
but they’re only empty air bubbles,
meaning nothing without the alliance of
actions and yours are lacking. My heart
bend, but it won’t breakI’ll always
those sweet moments of tender
kisses and 
hand holdingunforgettable
nights and 
mornings of loving each other,
but the
fun has vanished like water droplets
on a 
summer-kissed sidewalk. I’ll be fine in my
own company, yet, if by chance somewhere
beyond this storm, another love finds his way
into my arms, they’ll be open to letting his
charms lead me home. You had your ending;
now I embrace my beginning. Who can say when,
but I’d be willing to fall in love all over again.

Lauren Scott © 2014


34 thoughts on “Only Words

  1. Deep emotional words Lauren.
    The only response I can make is that I have lived through every word you wrote.
    Time might heal all wounds but time cannot erase the scars.
    Remember the world is an Oyster and you are the Pearl.

  2. This poem would be a perfect gift for a lot of people who have felt abandoned or betrayed. It sets just the right balance between an empathetic expression of the struggle and sorrow, and the healing and looking forward. Well done, my sweet. 🙂

  3. Lauren its a good job I know this is fiction.. You fill your words with such meaning as you so understand the workings of our hearts… A spectacular story you have woven with ‘Only Words’ my friend..
    Thank you
    Hugs Sue ❤

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