I Ask This of You


after the rain 1 final

There are times when I’ve failed you
allowing my worried mind to guide
Being led deep into the darkness
where fear would reveal its ugly head

I wish to undo negative thoughts
and faithless feelings in my heart
for I am ashamed of my weakness
where tears are mine to shed

I know you walk with me in
each day that I take a new breath
When I see the sun rise once again
I’m in awe of your loving grace

Though uncertainty lies on the path ahead
I’m not chained to these dismal ways
Will you cast forgiveness upon my soul?
With renewed trust, I hope it’s not too late

Lauren Scott © 2014

25 thoughts on “I Ask This of You

    1. Thanks, Chris, it’s always nice to read your encouraging words and I agree with you about both strength and weakness being necessary. I don’t often write poems like this one, so I stepped out of the box and showed a little bit of vulnerability. I guess it did take some strength to share it…hugs and blessings to you…xoxo

  1. Dear Lauren.. your wonderful words show you have more than enough faith.. Who hasn’t at one time or another allowed their worried mind to get the better of them.. ME included..
    Such a wonderful reminder for everyone.. 🙂
    Love and Blessings dear friend
    ❤ Sue

    1. Thanks, Sue, for standing right beside me in the worry line! 😉 I suppose this is a good reminder for me, too, to accept the fact that faith wobbles at times, but then it strengthens again..Thanks again for your reassuring words..love and hugs to you! ♥ xo

  2. Beautiful, prayer-like, {{{Lauren}}}. As Christine said, sometimes we must weaken, falter, face the darkness, in order to find our strength and see that there is still light showing us the way – faith. XO ❤

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