Love’s Decree

sunset 2 final

Your kindness
glows upon my world
pulling me into
forever surreal

When you give your love
my foundation shifts
like a gentle quake
I tumble in


you stir my soul
as a whirlwind
out of control

With you
I travel
the road to bliss
my heart’s content
a love so real

Lauren Scott © 2012

(This is from two years ago,
so I hope you don’t mind
reading it again, if you’ve

already seen it.)

47 thoughts on “Love’s Decree

      1. Peg Richards

        Me, too, Lauren! I have a book I copy all my poems into–a sort of journal. It’s one of my prized possessions. All your poems are so beautiful, I’m sure you must have a special place for them, too. 🙂

  1. I love the deffusing rays of Love evading every inky cloud and spreading dazzling glow of happiness over the soul … Poignant poetic words and verses bearing ” Your ” signature dear Lauren ! Yes, Love’s Decree ;I live to love and be loved … Blessings and hugs , Doda xxx

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