You don’t even know me…


You avoid me and throw glares
your words hurt like a knife
There is more to you and me
than simply black and white

What are you against?
Is it my race?
My skin’s a different shade than yours,
what difference does it make?

Is it the style of my hair?
My mind is trying to guess.
Why must we stay at war,
don’t you like the way I dress?

Why should you care 
who I give my heart to?
Through this barrier, there
needs to be a break through

You don’t know me
You see only my shell
I smile and cry just like you
I’m tired of living in this hell

Our heart’s rhythm is the same
but I can’t make you understand
You turn a deaf ear while
your hate holds the upper hand

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google

(I wrote this years ago, but have now revised it.
It’s sad to think the issues of discrimination
still exist, but I will continue to pray
that someday, we will all live together in peace.
If, for some reason, we don’t agree, then at least,
we can “agree to disagree” without violence.)

47 thoughts on “You don’t even know me…

  1. You don’t have to agree, you just have to respect others and their opinions.

    One thing great about the internet is that we can interact with all kinds of people from all over the world, and we can see them as real people, not stereotypes.

  2. This is very powerful and heartfelt Lauren with frustration added too and that increases its power. I really love it. You would think that by now in this “modern” world such a thing would cease to be but I think it will always rear its ugly head somewhere. ❤️ Xxx

    1. Thanks, Chris, I was afraid it might be too strong, but I hit the publish button, regardless…I’m glad you liked it and we can only hope for a miracle, but I tend to agree with you, too…♥ xoxo

    1. It’s too bad “hate” holds so much power all over the world. I wish there was a concrete answer, Madhu…thanks so much for commenting and complementing. Take care!

  3. A beautiful and powerful poem Lauren, and so sad that so many have not changed their views, while others have crossed those racial barriers to understand we are ONE..

    Love and Light dear friend.. Have a beautiful week xox Sue

    1. Thanks so much, Sue, and it’s very sad that after all these years, discrimination remains an issue…Have a lovely week, too, and hugs and blessings to you, as well! xoxo

  4. A poem of human kindness and consideration,dear Lauren ! Any sort of discrimination holds civilization away,poisons our souls and disturbs the harmony in our life.
    Al the best to you , Doda 🙂

  5. So beautiful Lauren and so true!!! But i have had a different experience meeting all of you!!! All the people of different cast and creed and most importantly color but still the love you all gave me i am blessed 🙂 Love Ya!

    1. Thanks so much, my friend, and I’m glad your experience has been wonderful; mine has, too, but unfortunately, there are many around us who experience this hate and it’s so very sad…keep smiling and love ya, too! 🙂

  6. I totally love this Lauren! In the end, it doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from. It’s the inside and their hearts that is most important ❤

    1. Thanks again, Kim, and I tend to agree with you…maybe it’s not worse, but there’s more “in our face” and it’s heartbreaking and yes, we should be so far past this that it’s really crazy and unbelievable…

    1. Thanks so much, Shian, and I’ve been having email notification problems, too, and can’t seem to fix it. I hope it works now for you! Thanks for all your visits! Have a great weekend!

  7. I live in a country where discrimination against all group (especially the minority groups) is found every single day and case. A very brilliant and moving poem.

    1. I’m sorry you have to live with that, Arwa, and I can only continue praying that someday we’ll all be at peace and just accept each other for who we are. And if we don’t like someone for whatever reason, then turn the other way. Don’t use violence to make a point. That’s so unnecessary and heartbreaking to hear of what many have experienced. Thanks so much for your visits and for your kind words. You’ll be in my positive thoughts, too. xxx

  8. Wonderful powerful poem, Lauren! I never thought racism (and other issues that cause divisiveness and hatred and violence) would still be so prevalent in 2014. It so disturbs me, too. But we must keep believing it is change and will change. XO ♥

  9. Thought provoking lines on a very topical issue…there is simply no room for racialism when we think that all of humanity as we see it today in all diversity , actually was cradled in and evolved from Africa and later scattered to various geographies and climes. Your thoughts and sensitives are on track Lauren…May your light shine…

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