Why Worry?

worried smiley face

What good does it do
except hang around
like super glue
causing nothing but
jitters in the belly
upsetting the gut

Your head’s a tornado
up a storm
aren’t the norm

Emotions pour out
with implacable power
Oh, how you wish
the tempest would cower

What good does it do
besides make us blue?

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google Images

By writing this doesn’t mean I never worry,
in fact, it seems there is more reason for it, lately.
But I think we all know it does no good.
So here’s to moving forward with Hope,
Faith and Optimism. 🙂
Thanks so much for stopping by
and have a wonderful day! ♥

36 thoughts on “Why Worry?

  1. All so true! But we don’t seem to be able to stop ourselves do we? “Worry” is my default setting I think! I do try to work on it but usually to no avail. Great poem Lauren ❤️ Xx

    1. No we don’t, Chris, and lately, worry has been default setting, too! 🙂 Not good for either of us! We just have to work harder; occupy our minds with other happy thoughts! Thanks for your complement, too! ♥ xo

    1. We just have to try harder to busy ourselves so our focal point isn’t what’s worrying us…doing something productive like blogging is a good past time! 😉 Thanks so much, Sue, and sending love and many hugs your way, too! xo

    1. Aww…Diane, I hope you’re okay..I can certainly understand how worrying about what might happen is so easily done, but I pray you can find some peace and I’m always here if you need someone to talk to…thank you for your kind complement, too…Hugs! ♥

  2. Most encouraging poetic expression,dear Lauren ! Who is going to stop this horrendous monster that eats up our life and poisons our days ? Your poetry is a very effective remedy …
    Love ♥ and big ((( hugs ))) ,Doda 🙂

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