Strolling through
the hallway,
following the aroma,
eager for the taste
and dreading updates,
I’m on a cloud,
hoping for a
silly girl, because
the broadcaster speaks
about death (again),
and now
with a tainted mindset,
my heart aches
just like days past
and I wonder
when this madness
will ever end

Lauren Scott © 2016

You don’t even know me…


You avoid me and throw glares
your words hurt like a knife
There is more to you and me
than simply black and white

What are you against?
Is it my race?
My skin’s a different shade than yours,
what difference does it make?

Is it the style of my hair?
My mind is trying to guess.
Why must we stay at war,
don’t you like the way I dress?

Why should you care 
who I give my heart to?
Through this barrier, there
needs to be a break through

You don’t know me
You see only my shell
I smile and cry just like you
I’m tired of living in this hell

Our heart’s rhythm is the same
but I can’t make you understand
You turn a deaf ear while
your hate holds the upper hand

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google

(I wrote this years ago, but have now revised it.
It’s sad to think the issues of discrimination
still exist, but I will continue to pray
that someday, we will all live together in peace.
If, for some reason, we don’t agree, then at least,
we can “agree to disagree” without violence.)