I unlocked the cabinet
so your words could fall out
It’s not that I didn’t hear them
I was afraid to see 
their meaning in your eyes
Who is the wise one?
Just as a butterfly is free
it’s your turn to fly and
no matter the language
you speak

I’ll still wonder why
our paths couldn’t align
Maybe my love
was too strong
and I pushed too hard
Could it be?

It’ll take time for my
emotions to settle
like dust on the shelf
until then
my sobbing will continue
to puncture the silence

 Lauren Scott © 2014

46 thoughts on “Language

  1. so much to connect with in this Lauren, ‘afraid to see their meaning in your eyes’ and ‘no matter the language you speak I’ll still wonder why …;just to choose two phrases I really liked.

    Nothing but words as I like to say, but OH what they are capable of …

  2. You have very emotionally played with the words,dear Lauren ! Words hide their glorious faces,blessed those who draw the veil and make them shine … Great verses,my friend,loved the title ! Have a most creative and nice week !!! Love and hugs, Doda 🙂

    1. Thanks, again, Doda, for another lovely, poetic response to my poetry. You are spoiling me, but I’m really glad you’re enjoying your visits, too! Hugs back to you! ♥

  3. Lauren , just sighted your blog almost serendipitously , while flipping through another one in your network . beautiful imagery of the cabinet , which all minds are . keep wonderful lines going…in case you find time , please stop by my blog at ‘’..

    all the best…

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