Abounding Faith

 tulips by sabrina FINAL EDIT

You’re a never ending roller coaster ride
taking me to the highest level of contentment
and then soaring downhill together
to my lowest moments of worry

You sit with me through plummeting tears
as my sadness whispers uncontrollably
and I’m forever wishing the answers
would arrive soon all wrapped up and pretty

You are compassionate, so I give you
my trials that steal sleep from me in the night
now bringing peace to my emotions and
calming the control I no longer want

Whether the road is smooth or uneven
You’ll always have a special place
in the pocket resting beside my heart
and I’ll never let you drift away

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Sabrina Beauchamp

34 thoughts on “Abounding Faith

    1. Kim, the beauty of poetry is there can be many interpretations…you and a few others interpreted that I was writing about a special someone and now I see how that can be possible, but I was literally writing about Faith and how it will always be with me no matter what life brings…:)

    1. Yes, something to sing about, Eric! I just mentioned to Kim that several of my readers thought I had written about a special someone, when I had literally written about faith; how I’ll carry it with me no matter what happens in life.
      We’re struggling with something right now that isn’t good and this is one of many poems derived from this “struggle.”
      Well, as I also told Kim, that’s the beauty of poetry; how it can offer many different interpretations!
      Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend! 🙂

  1. You have expressed the road we travel well here Lauren.. So often we travel through our storms with worry, not knowing the answers.. But it brings us comfort knowing we always have someone by our side who is travelling with us holding our hand in their heart…

    Good to catch up again dear Lauren, and I hope your own road is always smooth..
    Love and Blessings
    ~Sue xoxox

    1. Thanks, Sue, and as I mentioned to a few other readers, some of you interpreted this to be about a special someone, when I was honestly writing about faith! 🙂 How I’ll carry it with me no matter what happens and currently, we are struggling with something, so I’ve written several poems indirectly pertaining to this struggle. Anyway, as I also mentioned, that is the beauty of poetry…offering so many different interpretations and I can see how a special someone came into mind with this, too…:)
      Thanks so much for catching up here and I will visit you soon. My notifications are all messed up, so I hope I haven’t missed too much! So frustrating! 🙂
      Anyway, have a lovely weekend and much love, blessings and hugs to you!
      p.s. may your road always be smooth, too! xo

  2. Beautiful words Lauren and wonderful too, to have a relationship such as this. I love your reference to wishing for” answers to arrive soon all wrapped up and pretty”. Don’t we all keep wishing this, even secretly? Im sure every single one of us has wished just like this. ❤ Xxx

    1. Thanks, Chris, and I actually was literally writing about faith and how I’ll carry it with me no matter what bumps life puts in the road…but there are many friends who agreed with your interpretation, so that’s the joy of poetry; how the words and phrases can offer different meanings…and yes, I know many wish for the answers to arrive soon all wrapped up and pretty and we can just keep on wishing as we move forward each day…:) Have a lovely weekend, my friend…♥ xo

  3. Ahhh, sometimes both loving and being loved can be a challenge. But in the best relationships, the possibility of healing and a return to happiness is far greater than in loneliness. Well and artfully said.

    1. You are so right, Kathryn, but this poem is actually about Faith itself, not a relationship, which is how many of you perceived it. I couldn’t come up with a catchy title so I kept it simple and true…”Abounding Faith” How I’ll carry faith with me no matter what happens along the way…maybe this poem should be re-written! 🙂 But I do appreciate your lovely comment and insight, which I agree with! Have a wonderful Monday, too! xo

  4. jeremymayo

    “And I am forever wishing the answers”

    Rocks me to my core these words. Your poetry is very wise and experience driven. You deserve alot of credit for how good it is.

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