Butterflies to Stay

It’s easy falling into lust
sharing moments of passion
Falling in love, though
involves the heart
and much more compassion

Striving for “forever”
isn’t always a stroll in the park
but it’s a package worth opening
to experience that spark

It’s feeling those
beautiful butterflies
dancing inside
and sharing your world
with nothing to hide

It’s knowing you are special
even with your flaws
An eternal heart
loves you just because

It’s all of these and so much more
It’s having someone to adore
through all the mess
and all the calm
to comfort through the storm

LScott © 2013

45 thoughts on “Butterflies to Stay

    1. After being together for awhile, both partners changing and growing, yes, it does take work..both have to do their part in keeping that flame burning, but when it does work, it’s worth it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Joe!

  1. You express love so well Lauren; this flows beautifully. Lust, passion and love, three very powerful emotions that Im sure everyone has experienced along with the confusion it can all bring.

    HBL ❤ XX

    1. Aww..thanks, Pooky, I’m glad my words resonated with you in a positive way. It sounds like you’ve found “forever” love, too…we’re celebrating our 25th in January and I still wonder where the time went. Hugs! xx

  2. Very beautiful that those flutters of butterfly wings are felt in our hearts as we are supported through the storms in life……. Lovely capture of feelings here Lauren….
    Enjoy your weekend… I am sure your family will be celebrating 🙂 Hugs Sue

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