Hidden Treasures

handwritten letter

I love emailing and texting,
this new way of writing
Its speed is appealing
and very inviting

Though, I cannot deny
how special it feels
when in my mailbox
a letter is revealed

A handwritten note
may not be as quick
yet, the time devoted
can’t be felt with a click

Don’t misunderstand
the keyboard stays close
but once in awhile
with a pen, I’ll compose

© LScott 2013
Photo: Google Images

31 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. Yes..the scented paper
    the torn edged sheet
    perhaps an impression
    of water mark blurring
    the words and letters
    showing emotions and feel
    we do miss those personal touches
    but..email is better 🙂

  2. I love this, Lauren! It’s true too. A hand written note does touch the heart far more than an email or text.
    Much love and hugs to you, my friend1

  3. I love this Lauren!

    And yet it made me a little sad, as letter writing has always been a love of mine and now I have to type everything. My handwriting, though I say it myself, was very good and I miss it very much. Having said that I do still type letters rather than email, so the sentiments are still there and devotion to time.

    But the age we live in means letter writing has taken a back seat and I find that sad too.

    HBL ❤ XXX

    1. Thanks, Chris, and I’m sorry to make you feel sad, but typing letters is touching, too. I’ve done that, as well…and I have to admit that I love typing! I’d rather type than hand write and when I do, I often print…but it is sad that the “idea” of hand writing is just about permanently sitting on the back burner. Thanks, my friend, and have a lovely Sunday! Hugs! xoxo ♥

  4. Yes, I think as with all things, it is good to embrace change and progression but not lose everything of the past. I was talking to someone yesterday about a similiar thing in relation to artwork – how as an artist I love what technology has allowed to do with my art beyond its creation, but that its creation is still a very personal and ‘handmade’ experience … I don’t want to lose that connection to artists of all times … I think writing is much the same. XO ♥

    1. Diane, I couldn’t have “said” it better. You really elaborated on my point perfectly! As I told Chris, I really love typing much more than hand writing and if I do write a letter, I usually print. But, it’s nice to take a break from the keyboard once in awhile and truly personalize…thanks for your comment and have a lovely Sunday! xo

  5. I agree totally with your poem, Lauren. A letter in your mailbox is something still very special 🙂 and I do scribble lines still on paper.
    hugs from across the miles xxxx

  6. Julie Catherine

    Well said, Lauren. I love to get ‘real’ mail that isn’t a bill or junk mail too! Unfortunately, I’ve been using a computer for so long that my handwriting has seriously deteriorated, both in quality and the time it takes to write anything. I still do jot down notes for poems and ideas and such, but typing is just so much faster, lol. 🙂 xox

  7. So true Lauren. I was going through some papers the other day and I came upon a birthday card, sent to me, from mom and dad, 8 years ago. I wasn’t sure how it even got in between the papers, (but I of course, took the card out and a letter from my mom, written in her beautiful handwriting, fell out) I had forgotten about it completely. Less than 2 years after the card was sent, all I had left of mom and dad were memories (and they are wonderful ones. – they were married for 65 years and had a full life). But the thing here Lauren, was this wonderful two page letter. Holding it in my hand reading her written words, so very precious. There are some things that the awesome expediency of email, regarding the written word, cannot replace. I do agree with you my friend. xx

    1. Penny, I missed another comment from you and I’m so very sorry, as this one is quite emotional and deep. Your parents sound like mine, as mine were almost to 67 years before Mom died over a year ago, although, Dad is still living at 93.
      I’m glad you found your Mom’s letter; something tangible to keep as a reminder of her wonderful love and the wonderful relationship you both had. Emailing is fun and fast, but there is just no comparison. Thanks so much, my friend, for sharing this part of your life. Many hugs!

  8. Excellent Lauren ~ really does speak volumes about the technology of today and it’s pluses and minuses~ keep the pen and paper handy – best of both worlds! x RL Love to you

    1. Thanks so much, Robyn, and it’s all about balancing, I suppose. There is good and bad to the tech world, but handwritten is so nice, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by! xo

  9. I too, miss the scented stationery days of old, Lauren. Times have really changed, everything moves fast in a click of a button, or touch of a screen. Kids nowadays wouldn’t know how to use a fountain pen nor write in Palmer’s, and the cursive Peterson style.
    We are lucky to have had the best of two worlds, one is a treasure, and the new as a survival tool. So, cheers to both!

    1. Wonderful reflection, Cynthia, which I completely agree with! My kids are older now, but they both still enjoy reading books, even though they enjoy being plugged in, too. I hope young children are still taught to read real books. Love and hugs!

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