This is another sample from the 8 or less minute challenge on Scott’s new blog. It also would have been without a title had it not been for him choosing a great one! 🙂

8 Minutes or Less

Waves touch ever so gently
A subtle gesture
not to intimidate
but to lovingly bait
The shore lies still
only to anticipate
the cool stroke

Wind blows a bit stronger
waves take a little longer
the craving builds up
before rushing in
to kiss the shore
and lap up sweetness
from where
it pours



7 Minutes


Scott’s rave: I read this tantalizing poem several times! Oceans, waves, and shores are all keywords to awaken my romantic imagination and this one from LScott is a perfect example! She allowed me to name it so I chose “Wake” for it’s dual meaning that fits in both senses here. The wave behind a moving object that spreads as it’s moving forward and the obvious event of a sensual moment evolving, or waking. Oh, how I want to lovingly bait my anticipating muse and show her all my love and desire I…

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