The Untimely Muse


Letters float with clouds in the sky
while it’s vital that I focus and drive
Inspiration has its own timing
and it’s not always perfectly aligning
I’m not penning while watching the road
yet, containing my thoughts in some crazy code
and just when I felt they were safely concealed
they drifted away on kite’s tail over field


© LScott 2013

Can you relate?

52 thoughts on “The Untimely Muse

  1. Steve

    Have no idea how many ‘great’, ‘fantastic’, and ‘YES!’ writing ideas have vanished when I finally get out of the car.

  2. Lauren! Haha, that’s me everyday. I have a drive to my office that’s 1.5 hours and I write so many things in my mind that I forget the moment I’m in front of a PC. Very creative how you wrote this. Blessings and hugs my friend

  3. Caddo Veil

    This is Great, Lauren!! Yes, I can relate–though I don’t drive, a poem will often start as I’m in the middle of something, without pen and paper (like when I’m about to cross the intersection!). Trying to hang onto the “code”, as you put it–or just enough of the seed in the first 2 lines–can be tricky, for sure! Have a blessed day–love, sis Caddo

    1. Thanks, Sis! It’s funny how we try to hold onto those thoughts as best as we can…and it’s a blessing, like you said, if we can even remember a beginning! Hope your day is a blessed one, too! xoxo

  4. Blood-Ink-Diary

    TOTALLY! Some of my best poems have come from driving and I all I do while inspiration hits me between traffic, I smile — passer-by’s may think of me as a certified lunatic — then my lunacy comes on the blog in a form of absolute non-logic poetry as you reckon my writings! I loved this witty humour, but….so much! love & hugs, my smiley friend!

    1. Well, I love your writing, no matter when your muse visits, Shaheen, and I’m glad you like the humor; it adds spice to our days! Love and hugs to you, too, my other smiley friend! xoxoxo

  5. You captured what all of us have encountered and will continue to encounter.

    Perhaps we should simply relish such moments – perhaps, these moments are meant for an audience/reader of one…

  6. I will now look at clouds in a new way, Lauren. Imaging what the letters say. Who they are for. AND for inspiration. Again lovely thoughts from your beautiful mind. XXOO V.

  7. Yes – I do think ideas and words drift through the air and if we’re lucky we can pluck them out. If things are too crazy at the time though, remembering them later can be tricky and can even be the cause of slight insanity. 🙂

  8. You hit the nails on the head with this one, been inspired by lots but unable to record it, so try startegies to help remember it, then get lost in the strategy and can’t fiind a way back (until I’m typically not trying to) to the inspiration.

    1. Thank you! I guess if words are meant to be saved, we’ll find a way. If not, maybe they just weren’t the best, who really knows? But, I’m glad you could relate and thanks so much for your visit, too!

  9. I can definitely relate. If the words that are shapped in our minds do not find a form to be carried out through pen and paper or speech, then they were not meant to be. That is my honest opinion. 🙂 Beautiful writing. I love your blog already!

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