Another Time

In another life
there’d be no
shattered hearts
no lashing tongues
no broken parts
second chances would be
pearls in our palms
there’d be no storm
only divine calm
no hurting souls
feeling empty inside
In another time
love would weave
through lives
creating peace
and a will to survive

© LScott 2013

45 thoughts on “Another Time

  1. Caddo Veil

    Wow, Lauren–this is beyond beautiful, exquisitely moving; speaks deep into my own heart, today and always. God bless you abundantly–love, sis Caddo

    1. Thank you so much, Diane, for your lovely words about my poem and also for thinking of me for this wonderful award…I feel the same way about your writing and artwork and am glad we’re in the same circle! Love and hugs to you, too, my friend! ♥

  2. Beautifully expressed. Creative people (like yourself) can always look inward to find that place of peace and serenity. It’s hard to find most days in the real world. But it does happen. Hope the storms you were facing have passed for the most part…

    1. Aww…thanks, Geraldine, for your insightful comment and for your lovely wishes…truthfully, the storm is dormant right now, but we’ve been told, it will come again, much stronger in the future. When, we don’t know and it’s our daughter (21) that we hold in our prayers. We have plenty of time for a miracle and that is what we’re holding onto. Hugs and blessings to you…

  3. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Ah…but yes…’in another time’, such a reflective and unyielding poem, dearest Lauren. Made the heart jump a beat. And, I still owe you an email – shall pen this week, needless to say, you are in my thoughts and I must pen to you! xoxoxo. Loved the poem.

    1. Thanks so much, Shaheen, for just being your wonderful, thoughtful and compassionate self! I look forward to your email, but don’t stress…just write when you can! Love and hugs to you!

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