Where is it?
I can not plainly see;
just where can it be?
Why must I sit
in this brain fog
for eternity?
I stare at the page
It stares right back
How rude can it be
when I’m in a pickle
It gives me flack
while I float
through this riddle
I’m tired of searching
My muscles ache and
my aching bones groan
I’d love to escape from

this unpleasant zone
So if you see it walk by
please give me a shout
and block its way out
It’s been quite uncomfortable
living in this drought

Lauren Scott © 2014

🙂 🙂

Calm and Crazy

Hello All!

Once again, I’m behind on reading all of your wonderful blog posts.
I’ve been working on a project, which is consuming most of my time.

I haven’t written any new poems
and actually, I need to get inspired
I can’t re-post forever!
Anyway, the real busy part should be ending soon and I’ll be
visiting you again and trying to catch up a little.

To end your week, I’m sending some “calm” to soothe your “crazy.”

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! 
Lauren ♥

calm candle photo 2013

The Untimely Muse


Letters float with clouds in the sky
while it’s vital that I focus and drive
Inspiration has its own timing
and it’s not always perfectly aligning
I’m not penning while watching the road
yet, containing my thoughts in some crazy code
and just when I felt they were safely concealed
they drifted away on kite’s tail over field


© LScott 2013

Can you relate?

Fever vs. Muse (Sequel to “Fever”)

Sometimes inspiration pours

like water from a hose

full force, abundant supply

Then there are times

when the paper is stark white

and the inkwell is bone dry

I’ve been panicky and wondering

how long this drought will last

and when it departs

will it stay in the past?

Of course, there’s no way to tell

or would I hear chiming bells?

Well, one thing is for sure

Hot flashes cook brain cells!

This was inspired
by my wonderful blogging sis, Deb,,

as she fed me the closing line. (Thanks, Deb)
Ladies, I hope you enjoy

and Men…   🙂

© LScott 2012 – Photo Credit: