A beautiful tribute written from the heart of a true warrior, Miro~

Warrior Poet Wisdom

“Are you guys ready? Okay, let’s roll!”  ~Todd Beamer, Warrior aboard United Airlines Flight 93

Let’s Roll

It’s been some years since terrorists
Hijacked the planes and crashed
Two of them into buildings
And left our spirits dashed

I’m not going to focus there
The news is sure to dwell
On the sorrow and heartache
Of that pure living hell

Instead I want to talk about
A Warrior that day
Named Todd Beamer who kept his cool
Amid all the dismay

A husband and a father of
Two boys, David and Drew
And Morgan Kay, the little girl
That Beamer never knew

On 9-11, Todd was on
United 93
The fourth plane that was taken by
The terroristic spree

He made a call on his cell phone
And somehow he got through
To someone and informed them of
What he was going to do

He spoke with Lisa Jefferson

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  1. I worked for OSHA in 2011 and can remember inspectors from the St. Louis Office going to New York to help with the cleanup. Some of the stories they told would make you ashamed of some of those so called “helpers.” Others rose above the occassion helping in 12 hour shifts and then refusing to leave if the replacements numbers were short. Even now it makes me want to cry…

    • It’s the wonderful stories of courage and unselfish actions that warm our hearts and I feel like you do…when I think of the horror that others experienced, it just breaks my heart…very incomprehensible~

  2. Bless you SO MUCH for reblogging this one to share here! I love ALL of Miro’s posts–but he outdid himself with this one. Todd Beamer is truly a hero-warrior for the ages in my book! I cry whenever I read about his wife sharing that last cell-phone call she saved for his baby son! WHAT a father to hold up as an example to us all! He truly loved his family and the families of all in harm’s way (if he had not lead that self-sacrificing attack on the terrorists in the cockpit of United Airline Flight 93 on 09/11/2001 over the fields of Pennsylvania!

    • I agree, Rose, there are many courageous stories, but Todd’s story gives me goosebumps. The victims experienced things that aren’t even comprehensible…I’m glad you appreciated Miro’s poem, Rose, thank you!

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