Undying Faith

We sat in cushioned pews, embraced by God’s love,
awestruck by the strength of her faith. Her words were
pillars of conviction. Her eyes never lost their luster
for His surrounding beauty. She moved gracefully
around the stage, as her voice was a hymn to our
saddened souls. Although her body was failing, she
wore elegance beautifully in the stylish cap. Her smile
permeated the sanctuary. Even so, we held back tears,
ready for pouring. God needed one more angel. He knew
her death would cause heartache for her devoted husband
and two lovely teens.  Yet, still He called her home.
She soon received her wings.

© LScott 2012

Dedicated to a wonderful Minister of God’s Word

27 thoughts on “Undying Faith

  1. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Am tearful reading this beautiful tribute of a woman who seems to have touched your life and without her knowing she has touched our lives on this blogzine sphere. May she rest in eternal peace. Amen. Lauren, you are an incredible woman, a blogger nay a friend I treasure – may you always see happy tidings in your life. Love & hugs.

    1. What can I say, Shaheen…you have me speechless from your emotional and compassionate words…thank you so much for all of your love and kindness and I will say the same about you, too, my friend. I wish you much happiness and love in your life and sending many, many hugs!

  2. Awesome tribute to a wonderful woman! And the blessing is that it came from another wonderful woman…and both are truly angels! Thanks for always sharing your heart Lauren…you always make a day much better with the glow and loving embrace of your words!

    1. Carl, my prayers are with you during this difficult time with your Mother, but I think it’s wonderful of you to care for her. She is lucky to have a caring and loving son. Wendy was also Presbyterian, just a touch of coincidence or maybe not…thank you for your comment and again, you will be in my thoughts and prayers…if you ever need an ear, send me an email. I still think of my Mom; it’s surreal…

  3. Such a lovely, beautifully written piece, Lauren. When someone dies fairly young, we can’t help but think it is too soon. But your poem reflects on how each life long or short is just a piece of the spiritual journey. XO

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