Make Time For…

Dancin’ down the street
sendin‘ good vibes to those you meet
for raisin’ your arms high in the air
and lettin’ the wind blow your hair
for smellin’ the flowers along the way
and thankin’ God for another day
for sharin’ a smile to a stranger you see
and in their eyes findin’ glee
for rollin’ down a hill of grass
feelin’ like a kid with class
for eatin’ ice cream in summer sun
for enjoyin’ life and livin’ and fun
for singin’ with raindrops
and puddle splashin’ in flip flops
for lots of laughin’ and tappin’
and huggin’ and lovin’

© LScott 2012

35 thoughts on “Make Time For…

  1. Serendipity day! The part about rollin’ down a hill brought back the time when John and I rolled down Hillcrest Park hillside. He did great but it made me sick, dizzy, and nauseated. I’d do anything in that poem except roll down the hill! Sister Susan P.S. Making time for your blog!

    1. Exactly, John, and sometimes it’s hard to escape, but we have to stay strong; mind over matter! 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment and many visits, John! Have a great day!

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