The White Rocker

Saturday arrived in its discreet mode, late afternoon around five o’clock. Cocktail hour for some. We relaxed on the tan patio sofa, and glasses of red and white sparkled from a touch of sunlight as they sat on the blue round table. Nothing stirred; no song of birds echoed in the trees. Our view of the street over the top of the redwood fence showed stillness. Not even the roof of an auto could be seen as it moved up the road. Only the ringing of chimes in the summer breeze could be heard. Huge billows of clouds in the vivid blue sky floated leisurely as if they had no pressing destination in mind. The warm breeze twirled like a welcomed embrace. The white, wicker rocker gently rocked back and forth…on its own.

Gabbing in hushed voices, it was not our intention, but the world was so tranquil that we didn’t want to distract from the meditative environment. August had already arrived, and yet, it seemed spring in her colorful fashion had just visited yesterday. How time swiftly passed as we grew older. We reminisced about Diane, my mother-in-law. Her birthday was approaching, and we missed her. The rocker kept rocking. Had her spirit joined us? She appreciated good wine too. Perhaps, she wished to indulge with her son and daughter-in-law, but another time, another place. Thirty-one fleeting years. Her life ended when our daughter’s had just begun. A mother lost; a baby girl born.

Our eyes on the rocker, forward then backward, and forward again. Her presence was sensed. We hoped for what some would believe to be impractical. But who were we to say what was possible or impossible? The universe and all it encompasses was too vast to attain that magnitude of knowledge. Maybe this serene, Saturday afternoon moment was the beginning of our ethereal tale to tell. Believing may just be the key component because we wanted to imagine her beautiful self in our company. If only for one more time.

© Lauren Scott, – All rights reserved.

67 thoughts on “The White Rocker

  1. What a beautiful write Lauren that is so yummy and warm with the rocker as an anchoring object of staying present and aware of the gifts of your beautiful mother in law while you all gathered in beautiful conversation with your imagery painting a gorgeous picture. 💗

  2. What a lovely story that highlights the connections we carry with us in this life and beyond. There is truly something special about those moments where something as simple as a rocking chair feels to bring people back together. ❤

  3. Oh Wow Lauren this is a nice story. I can fathom that the white rocker here you have written about are the timeline of events that have occurred and if this was based on a true story, I am deeply sorry for the loss of your grandma but at least a baby was born. This indeed was an ethereal tale💯💯👏

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