30 thoughts on “Youth – Tanka

  1. True, sweet little kids grow up on love and nurturing, become good parents themselves, and repeat the cycle. Like you, My heart goes out to the orphans and the unwanted ones whose future is uncertain. Hugs and love to you, Lauren! Stay well.

  2. beautiful, it made me feel even more responsible in my heart for this new generation and the next. The power of caring, love and protecting is what came to mind. Love to you, Linda

  3. Very nice! Our most precious assets Lauren–it’s still amazing to me to look at my grown children now and all they are accomplishing and yet remember when they were small. Raising our children well is the most important job we’ll ever have. xox

  4. oh absolutely a big yes..to that lovely thought
    we need all the finger paintings and tree houses and all the fun with sand and mud to get the world on right track….
    what a stunning poetry..and very apt for todays rage engulfed hearts
    love ya 🙂

    1. Yes, it still seems like yesterday, Celeste, when they were little. It’s hard to believe my son is a senior now and my daughter will be 21! I still feel like I’m 35! Well, dreaming I guess, but I actually like my life where it is now, too. It’s fun interacting with them more as adults. Many wonderful chapters in raising children~thanks for your loving comment and hugs to you!

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