24 thoughts on “Fair Day – Double Haiku

    1. We’re in northern California, Soma, and we’ve had some heat, but not too bad, yet..there was a breeze, but the sun was “in our face” the entire day, so it was still hot. But, that didn’t spoil the fun! Thanks so much, my friend! Hugs to you, too! xoxo

  1. I love the contrasts here between stomach-churning rides and mealtime, between hot sun and cooling pools. Wonderful double haiku of summertime! Thanks for the joy, Lauren!

  2. Julie Catherine

    Lovely double Haiku, Lauren, I really enjoyed reading both of these. I love the ‘warning’ to do the rides before eating, hehehe. Also like the contrast of the blazing sun and cool pond in the second Haiku … wonderful summertime fun! ~ Love, Julie xoxox

    1. Thanks, Julie, and I’m glad you saw the contrasts, too! It’s a fun day, but hot and I don’t do spinning rides anymore! I guess I’m aging myself! 🙂 Love ya! xoxo

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