I Loved You

I loved you not too long ago
My heart gently placed you
on a pedestal
You remained there
and could do no wrong
How beautifully we belonged

Then the pavement cracked
and I found myself
straddling both sides

trying to decide which was right
watching where my heartbeat landed

My mind was stranded
somewhere in the middle
where nothing made sense
and two and two made five

I was alive
but my time was up
I had to choose
and lose a part of me

Though forever
our love didn’t last
you will always
be a vision from my past

Maybe down the road
our lives might chance to mingle
and we could feel that hold
Just a slight tingle again

LScott © 2012


Days roll by at a snail’s pace
Everywhere I turn I see your wonderful face
I’m sleeping with a dark cloud above my bed
I can’t seem to shake you out of my head
Maybe she’s better for you than me
but I can’t see it…we were meant to be

Each time we kissed,
the ground was a wave

beneath our feet
Didn’t you feel it, too?
My naiveté shines through

Inside my heart,
you won’t find resentment

Our moments we shared
bring me contentment

To win you back,
there’ll be no childish ploy

Into your future,
I only wish you joy

© LScott 2012