A Promise Everlasting

In your eyes
I’m swept away
Melodies played
as the trees swayed
Clouds parted
to light our way
and I realize
my skies
will never again turn gray

Then you stand near me
your arms open wide
You let me in your heart
and the Heavens sighed
You made me a part of
your everyday life
as your lover, your friend,
Your beloved wife

© LScott 2012

50 thoughts on “A Promise Everlasting

  1. WOW Lauren. I just continue knowing that guy is SOOOO fortunate to have a wife like you with your deep committed love. I know you are fortunate as well. Bless you both forever (and the kids too!)

  2. Lovely words. 🙂
    Thanks for coming by my blog today; I left you a comment of thanks on my blog, but it’s not showing up, and saying “duplicate comment” when I try to leave a new one. So I am writing thank you, here.

  3. OH I Just LOvE your Poems….. big hugs.. Renee 🙂 Thank you for always taking a minute to drop in and visit my blog…

  4. Another lovely expression, Lauren. Hope you have been well, my friend. Keep penning, may your ink never dry. Cheers.

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