The Box

box with red bow 

You placed it in my hands, adorned with a red bow
only a short clip of time had passed by our window

After pulling out tissue paper of white
I was entranced by the amazing sight

For inside was a lifetime together
and a house to be filled by the love we would gather

The walls stood bare waiting for memories to dress
showing reasons for us feeling truly blessed

The best gift of all, though, I am thrilled to say
was your heart at the bottom, committed to stay

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google Images

Always (Sequel to “Will you” 1/31/12)

Distance has made its way
weaving through our paths
Yet I’ve been near everyday
though, with my heart in a cast

Past words have been lethal
leaving souls in broken bits
but I think of you daily
It’s your spell I truly miss

You ask these things of me
with plain uncertainty
  Yet I sense you still have feelings
even as you tread carefully

You have never left my heart
It is there you have remained
I hold this place for you
To your love I am chained

Ask anything, My Darling,
Anything, at all,
I’m yours ‘till eternity
With you and only you,
I will fall

© LScott 2012