It’s here
It’s finally arrived
We’re breathing, we’re alive
So make the day great
Don’t wait
Don’t waste a God given moment
to share a smile
Make this day worthwhile
Enjoy nature’s beauty
If you have the chance
Grab a hand and do a
Happy dance
Be friendly
Be generous

Be charming

You’ll feel stupendous
It won’t be alarming
Look forward to
the coming

days of leisure
Do whatever may be
your favorite pleasure
Don’t think
Don’t ponder
So much is waiting
over yonder
Here’s a wish for a Friday
that’s Grand
A blessing from me,
that’s firsthand
If you do this
then I will proclaim
to do the very same!


© LScott 2012

24 thoughts on “FRIDAY CHEER :)

  1. Could not help laughing at myself over these lines:
    “Be charming
    You’ll feel stupendous
    It won’t be alarming”–I promise you, dear Lauren, all of my friends here will be MOST alarmed should I be this charming! tee,hee. So RIGHT you are about “seizing the day” to be loving and supportive and grateful and joyful!

  2. Caddo Veil

    I have to confess, Lauren, that I needed to slow down my whirling thoughts–and appreciate your words and blessing to us. I love my weekends–but I’m tired and fretting about things I should leave in God’s hands. So thank you–for helping me “settle”, and focus on the fun stuff (PBR sons) and nurturing stuff (online church)!! We all need a little help from our friends sometimes–I’m grateful to you! Have a much-blessed weekend.

    1. Awww…Caddo, I’m glad I could help…you can always email me, too, if you need to “talk.” Anytime, my friend~ I hope you continue to have a restful weekend and I, too, feel as you do sometimes, but, like we both know, it is best to “let go and let God.” Hugs and Blessings to you~

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