Crazy in love with the man you are,
not who you want to be,
doubting yourself, constantly
I comfort you
you’re the true match for me

I wish you could feel
when you steal a kiss
how dizzy I become
I’m still stunned at the effect
you have over me
My heart flutters
when you take me so blissfully

I offer you my hand,
walk beside me through life,
calm your mind and understand
as sure as the shore meets the tide
Our souls

Copyright 2012

48 thoughts on “PERFECT IMPACT

  1. There’s nothing else like it, is there! I’m glad for you because (a) such love is an incredible blessing and (b) it inspires you to write beautiful love poems that let us share in the love!!

    1. Well, I believe, in the midst of perfection, resides life and we all, at some time, have doubts about ourselves, so this is true, but love and commitment prevail! Thanks, Rose, for your “always” insightful comments. You really make me think (more than I’m used to)! 🙂

  2. Ohh Lauren, this was able to warm the heart from the beginning, and the last verse is perfect. Assurance in love is so important.. I loved this post.

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