41 thoughts on “SWEET FESTIVITIES – A Christmas Haiku

  1. Caddo Veil

    Oh yes! This is wonderful–don’t you love haiku?! I honestly think I write them just to relax sometimes. I’d love a cookie, seriously–I’m about to fall asleep at the keyboard & I have a sink full of dishes to wash…whine, whine. I made spinach dip for tomorrow, and a huge pot of chili–and I have to bake tomorrow for a Christmas Eve dinner. Sending you big hugs!

    1. Caddo, you are hilarious! You make me smile and laugh, which I love! I wish you could have one, they really are sinfully delicious (which is why I give most away)! I also love spinach dip and chili, so send some my way, too, okay?? 🙂 I’ll be baking more today for family and I’m also providing cookies for our church shelter tomorrow night…Sending holiday hugs back! 🙂

  2. Lauren, what sweet memories you evoke in me with the photo of those sprinkled Christmas cookies, just like I use to make thousands of for half the county with my grandmother, starting in early November. That woman had SEVERAL large freezers, okay?

    1. How fun that sounds, baking with your grandma and wow, several large freezers? That’s amazing, but precious memories to hold dear~baking is one of my hobbies and I love to give the goodies away…

    1. VW, I can’t wait to read your Haiku and I know they’ll be just as wonderful as your poetry! Thank you, as always, for your very kind words! I am ready for Christmas, except, for last minute baking….I hope you are also having a wonderful and peaceful holiday season.

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