Quails & Motorcycles!

Last weekend, we attended The Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, CA. It was held at The Quail Lodge and Golf Club, literally on the golf course. Walking around all day on the lush green grass was as comfy as footsteps on carpet. One of my husband’s hobbies is motorcycles; he’s always been the owner of one, two, or a few, and always will be. This event was for motorcycle enthusiasts to “show” their bikes as judges wearing fancy fedoras, carrying clipboards and pens, strolled around doing what they do best…judge! This event was also for motorcycle enthusiasts to attend and admire the cool bikes. But some incredible cars snuck into the show, too, not to mention, a few adorable canines.

The 250 entries spanned from the early 1900’s to current times. It was fun to see the evolution of the motorcycle design through the decades. Beverages, food, and merchandise waited at our fingertips, so once we warmed up, we indulged in a Bloody Mary and Margarita, and later for lunch, delicious tacos. Since I forgot to pack a hat, I bought a Quail Moto ball cap at the event which saved me. Country tunes and rock ‘n’ roll entertained the crowd of around 3200 people, all ages from infants to seniors. The weather was beautiful, sunny, in the mid sixties, but don’t let that moderate temperature fool you; the sun blazed at times and we were grateful for the invention of hats! So, whether you love to ride, feeling the wind in your face, or not, I hope you enjoy the photos and can appreciate the unique styles:

The photos above are of my husband on his Suzuki V-Strom in Death Valley, CA, and the two of us about to venture onto the local country roads on his Kawasaki KLR.

I hope you enjoyed the show & have a great day!

Riding with the Wind

It’s freedom, fun, and magical
as tires hum on the road.
A wave of a hand
befits the two-wheel code.
It’s like joining a club
without knowing the named.

The camaraderie –
instantly proclaimed.

There’s no razzle dazzle
of plugging in.
Tuning in to the elements

comes from within.
It’s a taste of adventure
letting the wind guide.
It’s a feeling of joy
that cannot be denied.

Let us journey among redwoods,
seacoast and rolling hills,
drawing in breaths
and exhilarating thrills

Lauren Scott (c) 2020
Photos taken by our son.

Enjoying adventure in 2020.