In Loving Memory of Mom

When I think of Mom, I think pink
Cherry blossoms in the spring
I think elegance and grace
and I envision her beautiful face
Her smile would warm others for miles
When I think of Mom
I’m saddened to know
I can’t call her and hear her “hello”
but I can see her
clearly as the garden from my window
and each day she graces my memories
while my love for her grows

© LScott 2012

Mom ~ June 1921 – February 2012

93 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Mom

  1. “I thought I’d miss you so & never find my way
    Then I heard an angel saying ‘She’s with you every day;
    The sun, the moon, the wind & the stars will forever be around,
    Reminding you of the love you shared & the peace she’s finally found’….”

    1. I’m so sorry, Carl, it’s tough, to say the least, when a loved one is suffering, but I wish your Mom peace and she is very lucky to have you taking care of her…you’re in my prayers and I’ll be thinking of you~

    1. Thank you so much, she was and it’s very surreal, remembering that she isn’t with us anymore…losing a parent is surreal in itself, but my Dad is almost 93 and is doing okay; misses her so much, though, as they were together for 70 years…thank you, again~

      1. Oh, my goodness, it seems like we have lived parallel lives. My posts are all about my grieving process through losing my Mom – watching my Dad grieve her loss – and then losing my Dad. Hope they help you.

      2. Wow, we sound too familiar…I’ll visit this week; I am so behind and wasn’t feeling the best yesterday, so lost more momentum in blogland! Thank you!
        And I’m sorry for you losing both of your parents; it’s part of life, but surreal seems to be my best adjective right now. Hugs!

    1. Awww…thank you so much, Wendell, I’m feeling teary eyed, thinking of her this week and I don’t know why. It’s not a special occasion or anything, just very random. My Dad is missing her a lot, so maybe I’m feeling it from him, too. Anyway, thank you for your kind words and prayers. You are a wonderful soul and brother~

  2. What beautiful sentiments Lauren…your Mom is still with you always, just in a different way. Isn’t it amazing how that kind of love transcends seemingly uncrossable boundaries…Hugs to you dear heart. xoxo

  3. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Lauren, the poem has chiselled my heart. Your mum is watching over you — ever so proud of her Lauren, who not only inspires the world over, but, has a quality that is priceless — her love she willingly shares. May your mum’s soul rest in eternal peace. Thank you for sharing your heart with us — be rest assured in the power of prayer multiplying in greatness – one over to you as I pen off today. XX

  4. reneeboomer

    You were so blessed to have a wonderful Mom and your Mom was so blessed to have YOU as such a wonderful daughter. hugs. 🙂 Renee

  5. Lauren- I find it difficult to express my feelings after reading this beautiful tribute. I thank you for your love for someone who truly loved her girls and entire family. Luv Dad

    1. It’s been a tough week, for some reason, Dad. I’ve been thinking about her a lot and feeling teary-eyed and I know you’ve been missing her even more, too. It’s always one day at a time and you know that your daughters are “here” with you…Love ya, L

    1. Thanks so much, Alex, and I love how you picked up on the visual part of the’re very insightful and I appreciate your continued support and feedback. It’s been a tough week, thinking about her, but moving forward~thank you, again…

    1. Thanks, Deb, and that is so surreal, knowing our Mom’s were born in the same year! It must be a sign of some sort…I’ll catch up with your posts soon; wasn’t feeling well the last few days and lost momentum. Thanks for your hugs, too, it’s been a good week for them! xoxox

  6. Warm, wonderful, poignant and moving. I have those same feelings myself. Like you, I do miss my mom and like you my love (and admiration for who she was) grows! Thank you Lauren, beautiful thoughts, so very well written, Penny

      1. You are very welcome, My mom was very small 4’9′ tall (my dad 6’2″ – go figure lol) they made a great couple though. (married 65 years) but mom was huge in love and being there, so like you my love for her just grows. 🙂

      2. I love hearing these stories! My parents were married 67 years, but together for 70, so it’s tough seeing how sad Dad is, although, he’s plugging along (still drives, etc.). I can hear it in his voice, though, but he visits her often at the cemetery and they “talk.”

      3. I understand, Mom missed dad for a year and then one day said to us “I need to go dance with your father in heaven” The next day she did! They were big dancers and loved music their whole life. It’s how I see them (dancing).

      4. Aww….Penny, that is so coincidental…just the other day, Dad visited Mom and said that he wanted to just crawl into the “grave” and be with her. That comment made me think. You just never know how long the other spouse will last, after being together for so long…it’s been 7 months now, so we’ll see…losing one is hard enough, but when both are gone, I can’t even imagine. I hope I’m not making you feel worse; it’s not my intention, but thanks for “listening.” xx

  7. Dear Lauren – I didn’t realize you had lost your mom this year, and my heartfelt condolences go out to you and your father. Your poem so simply and truly sings of her beautiful presence in your lives, even now, and I hope you and your dad have many more years together. There is such a purity of remembrance and everlasting love in your words.

    1. Thank you, Diane…my parents were married 67 years; together for 70 and my Dad is almost 93! Mom was 90; I have 2 sisters in their 60’s (10 yrs older than I am). He’s doing well, but misses her terribly. We just have to be there for him, but it’s not the same…it’s very hard knowing how he’s hurting…thanks again, I appreciate your thoughtfulness~

  8. parrotlvr

    Loved the tribute to Mom. It reminded me to put her garden flag out front again in the roses. She always felt relaxed and at peace in the garden. Remember that little hummingbird that would perch on their fence during martini time! Susie

  9. Francina

    loving and beautiful moving tribute to your mother, Lauren. She sounds just like you, a very special person Love and hugs, Francina xox

  10. Julie Catherine

    Dear Lauren, this brought tears to my eyes … I never had that kind of love, but I can imagine how special it is, and how bereft you and your father must feel now – but I do know that her spirit, her grace, is with you always. When the bird sings, when you feel a gentle breeze upon your cheek; in the perfume of flowers, and when raindrops meet your tears – every day, every hour she is with you still, watching over you and loving you. Bless you, my friend. (((Hugs))) ~ Much love, Julie xoxox

    1. Oh, Julie, your words brought tears, too…thank you so much for your beautiful comment and I know you’re right~she is everywhere where there are blooms and hummingbirds…love and hugs to you, too, sis~ xoxo

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  12. I think of Cherry Blossom too when I think of my mum! 🙂 My connection is something that happened just a couple of weeks before she died. A windy day blew huge amounts of Cheery Blossom from trees lining a road in my city where people often wait for buses. It was like a heavy pink snowfall, and adults turned to children at the fun of it all, throwing armfuls of petals over each other! I was feeling enormously stressed and sad at the time and it really did something for me that little moment. I wish I had a video of it all, but it is indelible in my mind! Life has it’s magical moments at times! 😀

    1. It’s not easy, Carl, but I hope you were okay…somehow, time does heal, but it doesn’t mean they’re not missed. I think about my Mom all the time and although my Dad is doing okay, he misses her even more each day…life and its events are surreal…take care..

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