Blogging Break…

Dear Friends,

I need to take a little break
from blogging and maybe even facebook.

There are some things in life that need my attention right now.
So I’m going to miss you all and I thank you, once again,
for your likes, comments and follows!
I may be a little slow in doing the same,
but please know my good intentions are there..

and I do appreciate your continued support.

I don’t know how long I’ll be “away,”
it may just be for a short time,
or it could be longer,

but I wish you all much happiness and
I look forward to returning to your inspirational
writing and photography.

I’m not crazy about “good-byes”
so instead, I say “See you later,”

and I’ll close this post with a
recent acrostic I wrote from early March
for those special friends in our lives…

including online! 🙂


For who wants to be alone?
Reveling in life’s joy or weeping
In between those moments; I’ll be your
Everlasting support, a listening heart,
Never will I take you for granted, for you are a
Dear soul who I can grow with, without growing apart

Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe and I’m sending Hugs your way!  ♥

© LScott 2013
Photo: Google Images


Hi there
Are you ready for the weekend…for
Playing, prancing, painting,
Paddle boating or pajama parties?

Forget dilemmas, at least for today
Rejoice and raise your arms to the sky
In gratitude for the new, amazing sunrise
Dive into happiness, embrace it with gusto
And stay there for a long, long time, then
Yodel on top of a mountain  ♫

© LScott 2012

Photo: Google Images

Sending smiles, songs and hugs!