timeless love photo

The years around my eyes
have a way of surprising me
because deep down inside
I feel amazingly youthful

but, when expected changes
begin to surface
no disguise is possible
for they are openly truthful

So, My Love, will you still see
the beauty from back then
and will you hold fast to
what lies within?

© LScott 2013

Photo: Google Images

(Author’s note: I believe this is something
most people think of when they’re growing
older together.  But, my words don’t
reflect any insecurity in my own marriage.
All is great there! )


Your gaze touches me
Can you feel my heart beating?
I feed on dreams of us
to escape the pain I’m feeling

 I envy oceans’ waves
when they caress the shore
Your loving embrace I miss
how I long for when we were

 Time is my enemy, though
for it moves slow as honey
but sweet memories of your kisses
remain my true company

 One heart, one mind we’ll be
and I’ll see life in color again
for now, my head lies on your pillow
with love for you I can’t explain

© LScott 2013






Love Again (re-post)

As sure as leaves will fall
at season’s change
and rain will drop
as clouds rearrange
I have fallen
through new doors opened

the key I thought
was lost forever

you have found so cleverly
the lock had suffered
yet, not broken for eternity~

© LScott 2012

(original post 3/22/12)


Your eyes have me mesmerized,
For when you look so deeply
with your bedroom stare
You’ve bared my soul
and I’m fully aware
of what is happening

Your eyes are like fingers,
touching me, teasing me,
pleasing me

Then you kiss me like this
and I’m mystified by the spell
you have over me,
I’m lost in the stars,
My heart is where it should be,
for your viewing only

Take my hand,
follow me to another place
and let our love begin again

© LScott 2013


A simple “muah”
a basic “hello”
a quick “good-bye”
a delicious “high”

When lips connect
a new revelation
no longer simple
an invitation

A taste of paradise
now lost in a fog
no going back
completely off track

Just the beginning
of intoxication
oh, what a lovely,
sweet temptation

© LScott 2013

Love’s Appeal – Re-post

I long to be your only star
within your sky of dreams
I ask you to open your heart
repair the broken seams
I apologize for words unsaid
for those said time and again
To hurt you was not my intention
I often wonder how you’ve been
I only wish to see you smile
hear you laugh among the trees
I only long to hold you close
feel your breath beside the breeze
Chances don’t come freely
I know this in my heart
My plea you’ll hear one more time
to keep us ne’er apart

© LScott 2012

(I’m having severe writer’s block,
so please forgive the re-post.
For those who have seen this before,
I hope you’re not too bored. )  🙂

A Little Birthday Love for My Hubby ♥

You’re my beginning
to dreams coming true
You’re my ending
there’s no one for me, but you

You’re my strength
My pillar in a world of crazy
You’re my reasoning
You’re simply amazing

I say “I Love You”
much too often
 yet, I’ll continue forever
because you’re my
best good fortune

© LScott 2013

Happy Birthday, Honey


After 24 years of marriage,
we’re thankful to celebrate another year of life.


Your words are
empty syllables
floating in the sky
How naive I’d have to be
to miss the depth
in your eyes

Two like ships we are
with enough disparity
to balance the scale
but not enough
to change
the direction of the sail

Yet, parting ways
is what your heart
has chosen for us now
I’ll accept,
but not much time
will my heart allow

Love is deeply stronger
than any heavy fear
when you unlock the gates
and turn the key
you’ll find
I’ve always been near

© LScott 2013

Author’s Note: Fiction

Winter’s Gift


I’m mesmerized by the colors
that dance across your face
as flames carry out a jazz recital
my heartbeat meets their pace

Your eyes penetrate
with a hunger that feeds
You touch me with your thoughts
fulfilling all my needs

Wrap your warmth around me
with soul, body, and mind
and touch my lips so gently
to taste the sweet, sweet wine

© LScott 2013

Photo: LScott/Home