Love Again (re-post)

As sure as leaves will fall
at season’s change
and rain will drop
as clouds rearrange
I have fallen
through new doors opened

the key I thought
was lost forever

you have found so cleverly
the lock had suffered
yet, not broken for eternity~

© LScott 2012

(original post 3/22/12)

20 thoughts on “Love Again (re-post)

  1. What’s amazing is that neglect and even simple inattention can do some nefarious things to the locks;it’s a great thing when we get recalled to our senses enough to repair what we set awry.

  2. Love lost is a heart closed
    A key, into the tears of grief tossed
    Never will I dare to have my heart exposed
    Then you came along and dove deep within
    Holding your breath, risking life, found my rusty key
    Polished it with words and deeds into one trustworthy
    And coaxed open my heart’s lock with your kiss

    Oh, Lauren – your verses, my triggers. A good poet writes great poems. A master (mistress) of her craft – provokes others.

    Peace, Eric

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