It is what it is –
or so we say,
but who really knows
what it is today?
Where does it live?
What does it think?
Does it have eyes that blink?
Would I miss it
floating in mid air
like an atom with flare
or does it sit on concrete
in cold weather and heat?
What a thing to ponder,
This it we claim to know
Does it stretch to the sky
or lie very low?
Does it speak words, I ask,
with a face to see
or does it convey mystery
through a dark colored mask?
How perplexing,
digging up truth
about this infamous it
Does anyone have a clue?
Is there something we
can do?
If not,
Then I bid you
a friendly

© LScott 2012

Photo: Google.com

Friday fun! 🙂

Fever vs. Muse (Sequel to “Fever”)

Sometimes inspiration pours

like water from a hose

full force, abundant supply

Then there are times

when the paper is stark white

and the inkwell is bone dry

I’ve been panicky and wondering

how long this drought will last

and when it departs

will it stay in the past?

Of course, there’s no way to tell

or would I hear chiming bells?

Well, one thing is for sure

Hot flashes cook brain cells!

This was inspired
by my wonderful blogging sis, Deb,

as she fed me the closing line. (Thanks, Deb)
Ladies, I hope you enjoy

and Men…   🙂

© LScott 2012 – Photo Credit: Google.com




The weather and I
aren’t on the same page
Things seem to be moody
at this lovely life stage
One minute I’m fine
just dandy and smiley
The next, I’m fanning
and glowing, quite frantically
Someone made a booboo
and turned on the heat
It wasn’t nice to do
as I’m dying for some ac

Say, could you help me please,
maybe throw me a breeze,
a cold compress, or a spray bottle,
no less?

Oh, wait, it’s slowing down now
the wave seems to be calming
whew, I’m feeling much better
thank you for helping

Really, I’m fine
I’m not going to die
I resemble a human again
(as I lean back and sigh)

© LScott

To all you women who can empathize;
sending hugs and smiles (and fans)


Photo credit: Google.com

Monday’s Memo :)

Dear, Dear Weekend

Where have you gone

Your visit ended suddenly

I feel so forlorn

But I’ll make it through

the next five days

with smiles and laughter

Confidence and praise

I’ll miss you terribly

though, I’m grateful for this day

and it’s new opportunities

more input for my brain

So until we meet again

I bid you farewell

Stay happy and cheerful

Take care of yourself!

© LScott

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!

🙂 🙂 🙂


I wrote this last night, after the humor of this situation kept nudging me…Our dog has been wearing a cone for almost 2 weeks.  It’s hilarious and annoying at the same time, so I thought I’d share a bit of silliness, in the midst of the seriousness of life.  Maybe you can relate?
I hope you enjoy!

She detested the white plastic contraption
She wondered what surrounded her neck
Pawing, Pawing, then deciding…what the heck!
She may look pretty cute in this new fashion

She found some difficulty with the regular task of
drinking water, eating food, and her sniffing routines
She was unaware she created hysterical scenes
for the bowls were invisible while she wore the “mask”

With it’s daunting width, she crashes, boom, bangs
into walls, doors and furniture, too
Until her leg heals, there’s nothing more we can do
She’s her own ensemble, as she walks, bumps and clangs

It’s a bit silly, but an aardvark she mirrors
The cone covers all it devours
She doesn’t fight anymore: she’s worn it for hours

We all love her still and so do her peers!  ♥