Nomination from Spillwords Press!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

I was checking emails after getting home from work yesterday, and you can imagine how excited I was to receive this email from Spillwords Press!

Dear Authors,

We are reaching out to let you know that you all have been nominated for ‘Author of The Month’ of May.

Voting will be conducted via this page:

General Voting will be officially held from 5/26-5/29.
Please note, you need to register and/or login to vote.

The Winner will be announced soon after the voting has been completed and featured on the sidebar during the entire month of June!

I’m thrilled to be nominated among so many talented writers!

So, if you visited my prior post, you’ll know that my poem, “Toots and Circles” is the poem that is referenced with this nomination.

If you haven’t read “Toots and Circles,” you can read it here.

Photo by Amol Mande on

And if you missed my prior post, you can find it here.

Voting begins today and continues through to May 29th. I know you have to log in to vote, and this is a lot to ask. So, I won’t ask, but I will hope that some of you will take the leap! And if you do, you’ll see my poem displayed on the right side bar.

This is so exciting, and however you offer support, I am grateful! ❤️

Most importantly, Thank you for stopping by, for ‘hearting’ the poem over at Spillwords, for voting if you do, and for simply reading and considering! ❤️💜❤️

Lastly, Thanks again to Dagmara and her team at Spillwords Press for publishing my poem, and for this wonderful nomination! 🙏🏻

© Lauren Scott, – All rights reserved.

104 thoughts on “Nomination from Spillwords Press!!!

  1. Congratulations, Lauren!
    I adore the poem. I hope you win!
    I’ve got to back there. I’ve signed up on several sites so I can vote.
    I need to go back and see if this is one of them.

  2. Oh wow, congratulations. That is so amazing. I will definitely vote for you when I figure out how to login (I did it before so I’ll get it eventually 😅) and really hope you win this month.

    1. Thanks so much, Pooja! I appreciate your lovely comment and willingness to vote. Asking to create another account is hard to do. We’re so inundated with user names and passwords, but if you’re able to vote, I’ll be grateful! And It would be exciting to win, but I am thrilled with the nomination. Fingers crossed though. 🙂 Thanks again! ❤️🙏🏻

      1. I will support you forever, Lauren. And I’ll never forget how you supported me at my book reading in the Tiburon library. Meant so much to me, and still does!! xo

  3. Warm congratulations, Lauren. Quebec has language laws that prevent me from voting but still I hope that you win. You work so hard and deserve a bit of well deserved recognition. ❤

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