My friend, Annika, wrote a glowing review for More than Coffee. She says, “I only hope I will learn to collect my memories with equal clarity, wisdom, and warmth, to reach a deeper understanding of life and its joys and tragedies. ‘More than Coffee’ is a true tonic for the soul and I cannot recommend this book highly enough!”
What a lovely way to end the weekend and begin a brand-new week! And for those of you who haven’t met Annika Perry, take your time to peruse her blog. She is a fantastic storyteller and poet and is one of the many wonderful friends I’ve made since my blogging journey began over a decade ago. Annika has published two books, The Storyteller Speaks, a captivating collection of short stories and poetry, and Oskar’s Quest, a delightful children’s book. She has two other books on the horizon and I’m excited for their release. So, head on over to Annika’s blog to read her entire stunning review. Another big thanks, Annika! xo

Annika Perry

‘More than Coffee’ by Lauren Scott is a beautiful and reflective celebration of life; a book of poems and prose that flows with ease between memories of the author’s life, of the six decades of a loving marriage of her parents and of her family, to present day hiking trails, between the wonder of nature and the seasons to the amusing encounter with spiders!

The pieces are imbued with warmth, love, light humour and sadness; overall togetherness. Life in all its facets is explored and ensures that the reader reflects on their own lives and those closest to them, reminding us of the treasures within even the most insignificant of items or events.

A late-comer to hiking and camping, Lauren captures the magic and enriching moments of being in the wonder of solitude in nature.

‘It’s about those quiet, nostalgic moments sitting on a smooth slab of granite, captivated by…

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  1. I read Annika’s review and her gorgeous words led me here. So happy to add your book to my list of future purchases. Happy to get to know one more author. All the best to you. Blessings.

    1. Thanks so much, Selma, for visiting and for reading Annika’s stunning review. I’m so happy that her gorgeous words enticed you to visit. It’s wonderful to meet you and I’m grateful to know that you’ll read my book in the future. I hope your experience is just as wonderful as Annika’s! Thanks again! ❤️

  2. Lauren, thank you for sharing the review and wow, for this beautiful introduction of myself and my books! Your book has touched me deeply and you have a wonderful talent and are a natural writer of both prose and poetry! It takes guts to release one’s work out there – thank you for taking the leap, for sharing your stories and poems, and for reaching inside my heart with them. xx

    1. How could I not share your wonderful review, Annika? Not only do your gorgeous words brighten another work week, but I want to shine the spotlight on you as well. I’m truly moved that my stories and poems touched you so deeply. And I appreciate your kind, kind words about me too. They are so meaningful coming from you, such a talented storyteller and poet. And yes, it takes guts. But I think with the support of family and friends who don’t try to stop you, and instead, encourage you, then the leap doesn’t seem so daunting. I know that kind of support embraces you. And it’s a blessing. I am also excited for your novel and next children’s book to be released. Thank you, thank you again, dear friend! xoxo

  3. What a lovely exchange of work and I’m not surprised at all with Annika’s reviews Lauren. Very much deserved and she is a gifted writer as well! I’ll run over and visit her. well deserved!!!!!👏🥰

    1. Thanks so much for lovely words and wishes, Sue. My book was actually released in 2021, but the beautiful reviews are still coming. It’s amazing, to say the least, and I am beyond grateful. Thank you again, and sending lots of love back to you! ❤️🙏🏻

  4. Lauren (Baydreamer) it was nice to meet you on Annika’s blog.
    The post was such a great introduction to your book, More than Coffee, and I
    feel like annika had a lot in common with you.

    1. Hi Yvette, I hope I have your name right. I think I met you through another friend last year because I read your book, Avian Friends, and posted a review on Amazon and on my blog with two other books. Here is the link: It was from last year, so maybe you didn’t see it. Anyway, thanks for commenting here and for reading Annika’s amazing review! She took away so many valuable nuggets from my experiences, which is what any reader wishes. I was truly humbled by her beautiful words. And it’s so nice to meet you again! ❤️

      1. well Lauren, I truly did miss the review and I am not sure why I did not get a “ping” with your post – oh but I was on a blog break for two months and might have missed it because of that??
        well let me start by saying thank you so very much for reading and reviewing – I am honored and so touched right now.
        and actually – I do recall meeting you now – but it is still vague – and i will go back into my notes – but the brown lab is what rang a bell earlier and now I know why

        and by the way – our brown lab has hip dysplasia and it is sad. It is getting a little better but had a tough week with it.
        Hope yours never has to deal with this –

      2. Don’t worry at all, and I hope I sent the ping out there to begin with! 🙂 I just wanted you to know. I have clicked the follow button on your blog, so I look forward to reading more. And I’m so sorry to hear about your lab. It’s so hard when they get sick. Ours is okay, but he’ll be 13 this year, so he’s slowing down. Take care…

      3. wow – 13? that is great –
        and regarding the ping – I think if someone links our blog only – we do not get a message
        but if they link an actual post (or page) – we get a ping
        so I really should have a page up for avian friends and will try and get to that

        oh and I look forward to following your blog too

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