Robbie’s Inspiration – Poetry book review: Finding a Balance by Lauren Scott

Robbie’s beautiful review of my 2nd poetry collection released in 2015. All proceeds go to The Chris Klug Foundation in support of organ donation. ❤️

Robbie's inspiration

What Amazon says

Finding a Balance is Laurens second book of poetry, following New Day, New Dreams published in 2013. This compilation speaks often of her emotions and spirit after finding out about a life threatening disease two years ago in one of her family members. There is no devastating ending in the near future but many unanswered questions that will plague her family indefinitely.

In contrast to this sadness, Lauren has always possessed a romantic soul and is blessed to have celebrated twenty six happy years of marriage to her husband and best friend. So from darkness to finding the light again through faith and adding a touch of romance, she finds strength to move forward. This book takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of different emotions evoked from life and love but regardless of what is thrown in her path, hope will always prevail.

My review

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34 thoughts on “Robbie’s Inspiration – Poetry book review: Finding a Balance by Lauren Scott

  1. Lauren such a wonderful and beautiful review of your book. Robbie is too good. Loved the picture it showed what balance is all about. So kind of you to give away your proceeds for a good cause. It is so welcome for people who really want help. Thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks for reading and for your beautiful words, Kamal. I love Robbie’s review, and I took the photo in one of our local towns by the bay. I loved what it represented. And yes, I wanted the proceeds to go to a specific cause for organ donation. The book was a therapeutic project at the time. Thanks again! ❤️

  2. Lauren, congratulations on Robbie’s thoughtful, tender and heartfelt review! I am so happy for you and it is lovely that she included her favourite snippets from your book! ‘Finding a Balance’ is on my list of books I look forward to reading! I have read so much more poetry since I started blogging and love exploring this genre outside a school setting. xx❤️

    1. Thanks for your beautiful words, Annika! They are greatly appreciated, and when you have the time to read it, I hope my book has the same positive effect for you as it did for Robbie, although I don’t wish the pain my family experienced back then on any family. I’m also thinking that you might enjoy reading my latest book (memoir) More than Coffee released in 2021. Since you’re a fabulous story teller, you may enjoy the stories, along with the sprinkles of poetry. 🥰 Thanks again! ❤️

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