Identity and Loss, Hope, and Feathered Friends…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted book reviews, so I thought it was about time to share three wonderful books I have recently enjoyed…

Distant Flickers: Stories of Identity & Loss is an excellent anthology of engaging short stories from eight accomplished authors that I finished in one evening. The stories are inspired from a personal event and touch on identity and loss in their own unique way and setting, and all are well written with characters who seem as real as you and me. It is easy to get lost in their struggles, ascertaining how they will cope and heal. Each character is found at a crossroads where a life-changing decision is vital. Following each piece is a biography of the author which provides a little insight into the inspiration for writing the story. I found this to be very interesting.

This entire collection is five-star worthy, but a few stories that stand out are “Where Secrets Go to Hide” by Keith Madsen. The style in which Keith writes about a young boy who begins to collect secrets just like his sister collects baseball cards is filled with clever nuances of humor and suspense. Collecting secrets, doesn’t that grab you already? “Two Boys” by Carol LaHines tells of a mother’s loss, an emotional and moving tale, and an incomprehensible event that made my heart ache, being a mother myself. “Diary Omissions: The House on Edgewood Road” by Elizabeth Gauffreau is tenderly written about a mother who is unhappy in her role in life, and how her behavior affects her husband and two children.  

I recommend this anthology to anyone who enjoys a little drama, loves short stories that are character-driven and based on real-life events.

Hues of Hope by Balroop Singh is a beautiful collection of selected poetry and the perfect medicine for keeping hope in the forefront of our minds. Divided into sections spanning from love to life’s challenges, this compilation stirs up emotions in each poignant line. This book will be one for the reader to rely on if life’s struggles become too much to bear, if a ray of light is needed to brighten the outlook.
Every poem had an impact in some way, but a few that stand out are the soothing emotions of “The Call of Calmness” – the first verse alone drew me in:
Gentle breeze breathes a quiet message/I am here to bless you/To softly swing/Sway with your dreams.
Since I am a tree lover, particularly of Redwoods, Balroop’s poem entitled “Redwoods” resonated with me, evoking images of incredible majestic redwoods I have had the pleasure of visiting. I especially love this verse:
Mother Nature smiles sweetly/As I stand, intimidated and/Intoxicated by the fragrance of flora/
Flourishing amid ironic beauty/Of fire-damaged trunks/Standing tall to tell their seminal story.
Reading “Do You Remember?” made me feel nostalgic, flipping through the reels of memories, joyful and challenging, and then viewing the future with “colors of love.”
I highly recommend this poetry collection to all poetry lovers, but most importantly, to everyone who needs a lovely dose of hope now and then.

Avian Friends: Encouraging Poems Inspired by Backyard Birds by Yvette Prior was inspired by the author’s family planting several trees in their backyard for the purpose of creating shade and privacy. What they didn’t expect was the arrival of a whole host of feathered friends that would entertain. Yvette began observing the birds, their behavior, sounds, and daily activities, jotting down her thoughts along the way.

This collection is divided into five sections, and following each poem, the author includes her inspiration behind her poetic words…delivering personal reflections of relating her aviary findings to the lives of human emotions and well-being. Yvette inserts tidbits of wisdom for living a balanced life. These snippets into Yvette’s mind are as entertaining and evocative as her poetry.

Some of my favorite poems are “What Matters” which speaks about materialism and how some people use possessions as their barometer for success. “Summer Sun” is a cute poem that tells us it is quite okay to simply be. In these times of living busy lives, carving out some quiet time for relaxation is a healthy choice for finding that balance. “Fall Crunch” paints a beautiful image of a new autumnal season, as well as showing the simple beauty of a cardinal. I recommend this lovely book to not only bird lovers, but to those who would enjoy grasping the deeper meaning behind Yvette’s poems.

Thank you for stopping by, and Happy Reading! ❤️

© Lauren Scott, – All rights reserved.

54 thoughts on “Identity and Loss, Hope, and Feathered Friends…

  1. Thanks for these reviews of three really good books. I read Balroop’s, and it’s one to be re-read from time to time. Her poetry is so lovely.
    Now, if I could have one or two of your Christmas cookies while I read, my day would be perfect. 🙂

  2. Oh and didn’t mean to blow by Distant Flickers that sounds like a wonderful anthology and very engaging. Balroop’s book of poetry also sounds superb as well. Congrats to them and thanks to you for sharing!

      1. You are very welcome, Lauren. We keep writing, growing, and learning. You did a fine job. I think your intention of supporting indie authors is what matters most. 🙏🏻

  3. It’s always a real pleasure to discover new reads Lauren!
    By the way I Loved your book very much – it’s a real treat. Thanks so much for what you are sharing through your words or the words of others.
    Have a sweet weekend ❤️

    1. It sure is, Marie, and I’m buying books like they’re going out of style. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my reviews, and Wow! You made my day! I’m grateful that you read my book but even happier that you enjoyed the poems and stories. Thank you SO much! Wishing you a sweet weekend, too, dear friend! ❤️🙏🏻

  4. Oh! How did I miss this post! Many thanks for an insightful review of Hues of Hope Lauren. I am delighted that you enjoyed it. I am feeling honored to be in the company of awesome authors and poets. Thanks for sharing these reviews.

  5. Three wonderful books, Lauren. I enjoyed them all and couldn’t agree more with your reviews. We have some awesome talent in this community. Congrats to Liz (and her fellow authors), Balroop, and Yvette. Great reads.

      1. Always a pleasure dear Lauren! I’m so glad to follow you and visit your site once again! Your thoughts are really so awesome. By the way please do visit my page also and share your reviews with me so that I can also improve myself💞😊😊🤗🌹

      2. Ohh! That’s really so kind of you Dear Lauren! You are really so kind hearted💕.
        I’ll be waiting for your kind visit.
        Stay happy and Stay Blessed🙏😊

  6. I read your comment to John H. and think you are really great with book reviews (and I am not just saying that because Avian Friends was featured here with the other two)
    The reviews are detailed and worded with succinctness
    – very well done and I need to check out the other two that are featured here

    and again, a huge thanks from the bottom of my heart –

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