The World Travelers

In those early years
when possibilities
lined up on their doorstep,
they saw themselves
roaming streets of Italy,
savoring pasta,
sipping Frappato.
They saw themselves
walking streets of France
in a cloud of romance.
They saw themselves
driving roads of Ireland
flanked by lush green
But over time, they learned
plans can be navigated
only so far
before life takes the wheel.
They haven’t sipped Frappato
or walked warmly
in that cloud,
and they haven’t
that countryside…yet.
But over mountains,
through down pours
and gusty winds,
and days when
sherbet-colored skies
lifted their spirits,
their fingers remained

Not only has love
in their hearts prevailed,
but cravings still carbonated
for each other’s company.
It seems they have traveled
the trip of a lifetime.

Lauren Scott (c) 2022

34 thoughts on “The World Travelers

  1. Latmospherique

    These lines are so beautiful Lauren. Wonderful images for a special trip taken together!
    How sweet and romantic 💗

  2. Wow! An incredible poem, Lauren … where it could have led to regrets and defeat it flies away at the end with the journey of a lifetime, of love, of true soul mates travelling through the magic and unknown adventure of life itself! ❤️

    1. Thanks for your beautiful words, Annika. Finding the person to share a life with, someone to lean on in tough times, and someone to laugh with in joy, is the best trip of all. The rest is simply a bonus. 🥰💗

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