The Sandwich

I go light on the mayo,
add some Grey Poupon,

layer sliced tomatoes,
pickles and cucumbers,

pile on leaves of romaine
for the final touch,

in between two slices
of whole wheat bread.

The kids are adults,
living on their own.
It’s just hubby and me at home.

Yes, I still make lunches.
I have mastered “the sandwich.”

From turkey to tuna to egg salad
or chicken, to this new veggie delight.

Suddenly, I’m standing in the kitchen,
my kids are little, small shoe sizes
by the door, Lego on the floor in
his room, barbies scattered in hers,

the days in the nineties
when peanut butter and jelly ruled.

I should tally all the peanut butter jars,
jelly flavors or jam, if you prefer,

and slices of bread that
were consumed back then.

The hustle and bustle of early hours
on school-day mornings,
kids tossing a coin for the shower.

Hair dryer working overtime with her long
thick mane. He and I, donning various
hats for our roles as cab driver, cook,
teacher, counselor, hugger, father, mother.

I shake my head, smiling,
in the present on a workday.
I reach for an apple

Tomorrow, we buy!

Lauren Scott (c) 2022
Photo: Pixabay
Some fun for a Saturday smile.

31 thoughts on “The Sandwich

  1. A lovely poem, Lauren, and a great contemplation. It does chance as children grow. My sons no longer want elaborate birthday cakes and I have many fewer opportunities to show off my fondant art skills. Only hubby and my mom want my cakes now, oh, and everyone at Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Robbie, I’m glad you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. It was fun going back in time. I don’t bake cakes often anymore either. Things definitely change as the kids get older and then live on their own. As to sandwiches, even I crave peanut butter and jelly sometimes. But it’s different now because many schools around here don’t allow peanut butter anymore due to allergies. I’m glad that wasn’t the case back then. 🙂

  2. I love this, Lauren! I too have many memories of making school lunches and in fact, I’ve always made my husband’s lunch too. Right now our adult son lives with us so on weekday mornings, I make us three bagged lunches!

    1. That’s great, Barbara! I was hoping someone else still made lunches like I do. 🙂 My husband leaves for work earlier than I do, so it’s logical that I make the lunches during the week. And we do buy occasionally because there are times when I just don’t feel like making a sandwich! 😁 Thanks for stopping by! 💕

    1. I only eat half too, Janis. It’s interesting how we change as we get older. I remember eating a whole baked potato when I was younger, and now my hubby and I split one. Sometimes, even that’s too much. 🙂 Thanks for chiming in.

  3. Oh, The sandwiches we have made. As well as the spaghetti dinners and the delivered pizzas and the special weekend barbecues. This post touched on all that we once did and all that we miss. But I love the fact that you still make sandwiches. I’ll have mine toasted, please. 😁

  4. Oh, yeah, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I remember those days, Lauren. Hubby is cutting down the carb, so he doesn’t even touch the bread anymore. I still try a piece of toast here and there, but I buy the small size whole wheat bread. I get to see how my granddaughters eat their peanut butter and jelly sandwich though. Your poem put a big smile on my face! ❤

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Miriam. Things sure change as we get older. I’m glad your granddaughters are able to eat Pb&Js. It’s like those sandwiches have to be a part of childhood. I’m glad my poem brought a smile to your face. That was exactly my wish. 🙂 Have a lovely Monday. 💗

      1. Yes, Lauren, the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and baby carrots make a while l wholesome meal and easy to pack when going out. It’s a great feeling to watch the kids enjoy such a simple meal. It surely put a smile on my face. Thanks for your lovely poem. 😍💖

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