Just Yesterday

Dressed up in satin and lace, I walked slowly down the aisle of the church sanctuary. Strolling arm in arm with my father, I loved hearing the swish from my dress with each graceful step. My eyes focused on my to-be-husband standing in front of the sanctuary. He looked quite dashing in his black tux. Wasn’t this special occasion just yesterday?
Yesterday that transported into thirty-one years of marriage.

Well, it was just yesterday when I saw the item sitting on the shelf: a gift from my bridal shower in 1988. I recall opening the box and pulling out a white mini food chopper. A great gift, but did I expect to keep it for three decades? I thought for sure it would’ve been replaced with an updated version sometime between then and now. Yet, over the years, it has stood the test of time, still working, and the only change is its color; instead of a glossy white, it’s now faded into a pale yellow.

The question is: should I replace the little food chopper because it looks weathered? If so, shouldn’t anything old be swapped out for a newer version? Think about cars. They may have all the parts, their engines may roar when the key is turned, but if they’re scraped up and bruised, shouldn’t they be traded in for shiny new models? Let’s expand our thinking even further: Should spouses sprouting gray hair, wearing mazes of facial wrinkles be substituted with younger partners? Is the end-all goal a better-looking copy?

Let’s do the math: if that mini chopper has aged, so have I and I am not going to be traded in. Buying brand-new, shiny, and flawless is exciting and I won’t lie and say that I never have, but sometimes the memories deep within are more valuable than the “itemitself. Regarding life partners, what about the good memories: the laughter, tears, adventures, intimacy, and the love both partners felt in the beginning when that spark ignited? This is why my faded chopper still sits on the shelf, rather content with the cookie sheets and mixing bowls.

I don’t know how long the chopper will stay in the family, but as long as it does, I’ll remember that Saturday afternoon: women gathered to celebrate my upcoming wedding day. Silly games brought fits of laughter, deep conversations evoked precious memories, words of wisdom were spoken by women who had lived through the cracks and crevices of life. Most importantly, my faded gift reminds me of when my mom and mother-in-law were still in my life. They were two amazing women with more stories to tell and wisdom to share and I miss them more than words convey.

Mom on my right and
my mother-in-law on my left.

So, if you’re questioning whether you should toss that old worn-out item even though it functions perfectly, allow yourself to pause in the moment, to reflect upon the wonderful memories.

January 21, 1989

The answer could just be in one of them.

Lauren Scott (c) 2020

51 thoughts on “Just Yesterday

  1. Jane Sturgeon

    Lauren, what a beautiful post. ❤ The photo of you standing between your Mum and Mum-in-law brought tears to my eyes. A wonderful thirty-one years (so far) is celebrated through your words. ❤ Just this weekend I opened one of my Mum's kitchen cupboard doors and saw her Mum's sugar shaker for baking sitting there. My Mum gifted me an earthenware pot that her Great Granny, Granny and then herself, have baked pears in. She wanted me to have it in my kitchen. I cherish the old and all the cracks that hold such loving energy. Your post is touching and lovely, as are you. ❤ xXx ❤

    1. Thanks, Jane, for such a lovely comment and for sharing your sentimental story, too. Baked pears sound delicious and the memories of the earthenware pot and sugar shaker are precious. I will hold onto the faded mini food chopper until it works no more. I have always loved looking at old photos and reminiscing, and then there is the hair! Permed! It’s easy to wonder what I was thinking. 🙂 All part of the times and flashbacks, though. Sending much love your way and many virtual hugs. 💗💗💗

  2. How time flies Lauren! When we look back, it actually seems like you say – yesterday! Wishing you many more years with your husband and yes, that food chopper – such gifts are precious! Lovely memories and beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

    1. As we grow older and we watch our children mature, time speeds up, doesn’t it, Balroop? Or so it seems. 🙂 Thanks for your lovely wishes and complements. 🥰

  3. A beautiful post, Lauren. I still have wedding gifts that haven’t broken or worn out over the years we’ve been married. I handle them with love and often reflect back on when we received them so many years ago. I wouldn’t replace them for anything, Yes, our 51 years of marriage have melded into a lot of happy memories of our life together. It seems like yesterday…

    1. Thanks, Michelle, and it sounds like you and I are on the same page when it comes to old gifts of yesteryear. And 51 years of marriage is something to be proud of and something my hubby and I aspire to. Only 20 more years to go to catch up. 😉 Hugs, my friend.

  4. “Just yesterday”…. I know exactly what you mean! Our fondest memories remain so vivid in our minds, they feel like yesterday! Needless to say, that little chopper is part of your family and wishes to stay that way, so I’d let it! 😉 Many hugs to a wonderful bride! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. That little worn-out chopper sits on the shelf as if to smile, feeling happy to remain a part of the kitchen collection. 😀 Many hugs to you, dear Marina. It’s almost Friday! 💗😊🌼🎉🥰

  5. The likelihood of a new chopper lasting as long as your gift is slim. These days, things don’t seem built to last…unlike your marriage. ❤ There are far too many memories to let the chopper go. Keep chopping! There are more memories to create. Happy anniversary, Lauren!

  6. Some dear friends gifted us aprons (the kind chefs wear, not the frilly ones that moms wear) that were embroidered with our names (one for each). We still wear them when we are cooking anything that could become messy. Funny, though, we don’t pay much attention to which is which, so I’m often wearing my husband’s, and he mine. My advice: keep your chopper… many “new and improved” appliances really aren’t as good.

    1. Thanks for sharing your special apron story, Janis. One nice thing about posting musings like this one is reading about the precious gifts others have been given and the memories they evoke. And have no fear, the chopper is still here (and will be until it breaks or until the end of time). Take care and Happy Cooking!

    1. Thanks so much, Drew, and I agree. Those memories sustain us when we need them the most. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and hope you have a good weekend ahead. Lauren 💗

  7. Funny how that little gadget can bring back so many memories, Lauren. I keep old stuff as long as it works (and sometimes when it doesn’t). I had to take a break in writing this comment to show my husband how to use my old chopper that my mom bought for me decades ago Those things last forever. 😀
    And Happy Anniversary, wrinkles and all! Here to making more wonderful memories in the years to come. ❤ ❤

    1. I’m amazed at how interesting my little chopper has been to many. I also shared this story in my writing group, which sparked even more special and entertaining gadget stories. You never know…
      I smiled when I read that you paused in commenting to show your husband how to use your old chopper. Precious memories and more to come. Thanks for your wishes, Diana, with wrinkles and all. Enjoy your weekend, my friend. 💕

    1. Thanks, Bette. I’m so glad you enjoyed this little chopper story. It’s always fun to walk down memory lane, soothing, too. Thanks for your wishes, also. Have a wonderful weekend. 💖

  8. A lovely tribute to the past with loved ones Lauren. I might add, that you may be better off with the old one, cuz back then they built things to last. 🙂 ❤

    1. Thanks, Deb, and you’ll be glad to know that I’m keeping the chopper. It’ll stay safe and content sitting on the shelf with the cookie sheets and mixing bowls. 🙂 💜

  9. Lauren, what wonderful memories and you made such a beautiful bride… They certainly do not make things to last so well these days… And no, we are certainly not ready to be traded in.. While I have no electrical items from those early days.. I still have my original ironing board.. Its not a huge one like the ones you see today, and I have recovered it countless of times… But I still remember me and my soon to be hubby, excitedly going shopping for our bottom draw things for a home before we got married, and bringing it back in the car along with towels tea-towels and a China dinner set with roses on, complete with two serving dishes for vegetables with lids on.. I still have those serving dishes though the plates and dishes didn’t make it 🙂 Thank you Lauren for sharing those memories… And allowing me to look back on some of my own ..
    Much love … ❤

  10. Beautiful reflections, Lauren! Happiness looks great on you two 😀 ❤ We recently celebrated our one-year anniversary and look forward to many years as happy as you two xx

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Christy! And Congratulations to you both! One year already, Wow, time sure flies because I remember when you were just married. Anyway, I wish you both much happiness in your future together. It’s wonderful to find one’s life partner to celebrate the “ups” in life with and to lean on during the “downs.” 💓💓💓

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