A Charming Corner

The rockers, unselfish with their soothing rhythm,
join the sun’s rays in massaging into deep relaxation

It is only us who breathe in the simplicity of this place,
except for an occasional visit from stunning, fluttering wings

This moment, where a whispering breeze glides in-between us,
is where we talk and listen – but most of all, we take it all in

Lauren Scott © 2018

37 thoughts on “A Charming Corner

  1. Lauren, this is beautiful and I can’t help quoting you:
    ” This moment, where a whispering breeze glides in-between us,
    is where we talk and listen – but most of all, we take it all in”

    Yes,, to take the beauty in is most important. It fills us with light.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Miriam. I also like what you said about the beauty filling us with light. That is the uplifting part about nature and all it offers to us if we only take the time out of our busy schedules and routines. 🌻

  2. I have a place like that in my back yard and down by the lakes surrounding this village where there is an abundance of wild bird life. It’s very calming to just take the time to listen to nature.

    1. Thanks so much, Betty! We often go to this little corner in our backyard and it’s so calming. I’m glad the seasons have changed so we can do this. I’m sure you have similar spots up north. Hope you’re having a good day. Tomorrow is Friday, Yay! Sending hugs, my friend…❣🌻

      1. Yes, we have two such “corners” in our yard – perfect places to sit in the sun among the flowers.
        How’re your sunflowers doing, btw?
        Happy weekend to you – hope you have a relaxing one! Hugs 💕💞😊🌸

      2. Your corners sound lovely, too. Our sunflowers are growing, so they’re doing well. No blooms yet, though. I’ll share pics once they get to that point. Happy weekend to you, too. So glad it’s here. 🙂 We’re going to our local town festival, which is an annual tradition and always fun. Have a good one, also! Love and hugs! ❤🎉🌷🎵

    1. Thanks, Ian, for your wonderful words. It was a mesmerizing moment at the time and I hope for many more. 🙂 Wishing you some quiet, calming moments, too, my friend…

  3. Powerful words there, Lauren, dear friend.
    We live in an apartment but the tree right outside the window – a tall tree – fills with birds all day long and especially in the mornings and evenings. I cannot resist taking time out of my writing, just so I can relish the bird song.
    Reading your words, you have a similar lovely corner.
    God bless,

  4. indeed a charming corner,a haven to pump energy,a perfect retreat for the human soul!
    Nice to see you posting again,dear Lauren!Love hugs;enjoy your sumertime 🙂 ❤

  5. Thanks, Doda, and it’s great to see you too! I’ve actually been active again since last fall but wasn’t receiving your notifications. So, after some coercion with WP, they’re finally appearing again. Anyway, I’m behind on reading blogs because of our son’s college graduation festivities. But I’ll be over again soon. Hope all is well! Love and hugs back. 😊❤️🦋

  6. My pleasure Lauren 🙂 I am not surprised at all,I just found out that I didn’t follow you,but never had I unfollowed you,and the same happened with some other blog friends.Anyhow,thanks for your kind visit,and,my warmest congratulations to your son on his graduation.Hugs & kisses 🙂 ❤ xxx

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