How to Talk About Hard Topics in Today’s World.

BalancedCouncelor touched on the most vital points…how to avoid polarization by showing empathy – to engage in disagreements humanely, while at the same time, standing by our convictions. Well written for the benefit of everyone!
(I don’t normally post about difficult topics, but this is well worth the share. So, I hope you’ll take the time to read. )

Balanced Counselor

It genuinely seems that in today’s political climate, no topic is safe to discuss without some kind of heated response. This is not something only I have noticed. I have friends and family who agree, and I have had more than one scenario at work where a conversation was changed before it could become something uncomfortable. By most definitions of the word, this is an epidemic.

Also, to be clear on the phrase “heated response” that I used earlier, I am not referring to a situation in which someone passionately disagrees with you. I will discuss this in greater detail in a moment, but passionate disagreement is healthy. What I am referring to when I use the “heated response” terminology, is an immediate and overwhelming digression into insulting the other people’s perspective and often even attacking their character for their opinion. This is absolutely NOT healthy, and I am pretty…

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12 thoughts on “How to Talk About Hard Topics in Today’s World.

    1. You’re welcome, Sarah, and thank you for reading! I thought it was such a good post with vital suggestions to possibly bring both sides together. You’re right though, it seems much more difficult nowadays to communicate in a civil manner. Much love and many hugs to you, too! 💝

    1. You’re welcome, Indira, and you nailed it, too! Sometimes being “right” isn’t the best outcome, but being a “listener” and working together is more important and peaceful.

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