The Giver

He pulls me
into myself so
I may see
he loved from the beginning
though his perception

runs deeper –
mine, a hint of clouds
then he lifts
my heart and
soul to the brilliant sky where
our dreams become us

Lauren Scott Β© 2017

30 thoughts on “The Giver


    Each moment
    Of a dream
    As yet unborn
    At least until this moment
    As God breathes once more


    And once more many many thanks for your inspirations, Lauren. Blessings upon you and yours

  2. our dreams become us

    Become as changing into something or become as in make us look good ? Well, delightful either way I spoze. Another example of the poet not owning the poem as far as thought goes. The interpretations belong to the reader. But when the poet makes the reader stop and think a moment as you have here, well that’s success and sometimes the reader sees things in a poet and poem that she may not.

    1. Well, I think I’ll leave you to your own interpretation, Carl. πŸ™‚ And thank you so much for your lovely comment. Even though the poet has a specific thought in mind when writing a poem, it is up to the reader to feel that same emotion, see that same image, or come up with something entirely different. Thanks again, and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, too…

    1. Thanks so much, Betty! I’m glad you liked this one. I’ve been trying to write more than one “verse” so it’s good to hear they flowed smoothly together. πŸ’“πŸ’“

  3. A beautiful commentary on the ideal relationship. Unfortunately our world sees too much of the other side where through selfishness that nurturing and support is not shown to others in a relationship.

    1. Thanks so much, Ian, and what you said is true. I count my blessings each day to have found my better half. πŸ™‚ And after almost 29 years of marriage, the love we have for each other does run deeper – the reward of staying together so long…

  4. Our dreams become us
    We are left with memories
    Love lives beyond time

    Borrowed the first line from you πŸ™‚
    And thank you for this lovely poem.
    Have a great week ahead,

  5. Lauren, a beautiful poem celebrating a pure relationship…where the partner helps to see ourselves. The last lines are magical and lyrical – ‘our dreams become us’!! Memorable and wonderfully written … a joy to read!

    1. Thanks so much, Annika, for your beautiful comment. My husband and a recent conversation are the inspiration for this poem. Even after almost 29 years, he still has a way of making me see things that I don’t. πŸ™‚ Sending love and hugs to you.

    1. Thanks, my friend, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Are you able to spend it with your little ones? If so, have a wonderful time. Our son is coming home today from college, so it’ll be nice to have both at home for the weekend. Love and big hugs to you!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! It was fun participating in this November challenge. But it seems I’m continuing in my post today. πŸ™‚ I love the form. Anyway, I hope your mom is doing better, too…hugs and love xoxo

      1. It’s a beautiful form of poetry and I enjoy reading it very much. 😊
        My mum’s slowly but surely getting better, lots of strengthening food and sleep should do the trick. Love and hugs! πŸ˜„πŸ’•

      2. I’m glad to hear she’s doing better, Sarah. It’s always cliche, but time really is the big factor as good food and sleep help, too. Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend…xo

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