Under the Redwood Tree

Under the redwood tree
a bee dives low
for the water…
heads go under

Arms and legs
move with grace –
we look up to the
bright blue sky
with a touch of white

Two crows speak
as if we understand
their urgency…
silence soon becomes them

Under the redwood tree
we breathe in serenity –
Lacing our fingers
we steal a kiss
and reminisce
to those earlier days

Lauren Scott September 2017


14 thoughts on “Under the Redwood Tree

    1. Thanks, Scott! My husband trained our redwood to grow as a canopy over a part of our pool. Hence, inspiration one day. 🙂 It’s really nice, and I hope you get to experience that peace and silence very soon, too. I know how busy you are, but moments like these are needed also for balance of the mind and soul…hugs and blessings…

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