Deepest Emotion



Whether love works or whether it doesn’t
Whether timing is on or whether it isn’t
Love simply is
It seeps into our minds
and weaves into our hearts

Every sense is aware of its presence
We can feel it, hear it, say it, taste it
Try as we might to escape,
we’re captured with intensity
never felt before

Sometimes life guides us to letting go
but in the midst of elation, we hold on
and allow our hearts to soar


Lauren Scott © 2015
Photo is mine: Hibiscus in Pt. Reyes Station, CA

(I’m not sure this could be called poetry;
it’s more of random thoughts I felt like sharing) 🙂

Wishing you a Terrific Tuesday! ♥

22 thoughts on “Deepest Emotion

  1. Oh this is definitely a poem Lauren! And a beautiful one too. Your poems on love always ring true. I love the photo too, the flower reminds me of the Lavatera which flowers in our garden from around July onwards. So I just googled hibiscus and it says that it’s a member of the mallow family and so is Lavatera. I guess therein lies the similarity! 😊❤️ Xxx

    1. Aww, thanks, Chris! I honestly wasn’t sure what to call it but the thoughts rolled out onto paper (well, word doc) 🙂 and I went with it. I love the flower, too, and just happened to see it on our last hike. That’s interesting about Lavatera and Hibiscus being in the same family. Small world though miles apart. ♥ xo

    1. Thanks, Michelle, for your lovely comment. In the last month or so I thought writing about love was over for me. I couldn’t find the words but then they started flowing again. I guess we can’t force something; it has to happen naturally. And that’s how love works, doesn’t it? 🙂 ♥

    1. Thanks, Raj! I came across the flower on our last hike and loved it. Purple is one of my favorite colors. I’m also glad you thought it was a good visual for the mood of this poem, too, just as I did…

  2. Of course this is poetry, and beautiful. Love does make us soar and in a way it doesn’t matter if it all works out or not, as long as we have felt that kind of magic for a while.

  3. Beautiful once again Lauren. I find that my own most worthy writings flow as they will. I do my utmost never to ‘push’ the words. Most often I spend labored moments considering the title of many pieces and once I have that and the opening line or two there seems to be a natural trigger that brings the remainder to the surface with only slight revision…most fascinating how the mind works.

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