Tomorrow’s Promise


I dream in red
feeling warmth
through the sheets
from last night’s passion
where your hands caressed
the trail your lips created
blushing a little
from your slow moving actions
our synchronized rhythm
soul to soul with no division
but this was only one way
of loving you
one part of being with you
I want more than a memory
stretched into forever
for you and me
hoping this dream continues
even after sunrise
I know it will
from the promise
of tomorrow in your eyes

Lauren Scott © 2014

39 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Promise

  1. I want more than a memory
    stretched into forever

    Ideally this would be the case for all things we appreciate and cherish. At my age though I am thankful for merely the memories(at least the ones I do remember).

    • Your comment touches my soul, Don! Thank you so much and you’ve brightened my day, knowing how this poem affected you. Thanks also for reblogging. I truly do appreciate you sharing my work. I’ll visit you soon and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks for the tip into this Don…

    Hi Lauren,
    You realised this altogether successfully in a very evocative way that touched me artfully with sensitive points of recognition throughout … A beautiful, soulful piece – very much my
    kind of thing – I will be back to see what else you come up with… With Best Wishes Scott

      • Lauren, when time permits please do visit to experience Scott Hastie’s writings. He is really quite remarkable and I believe his style and conveyance will parallel your own in ways. Scott has a marvelous portfolio of publications to his credit and has a considerable following. Scott afforded me the honour of an advance read of his just released ‘Angel Voices’ for which I have written a review…a marvelous work that is an extension of this gifted poet’s heart and soul. You will surely respond as I have with fondness and friendship for a fellow poet who brings a tremendous visual and heartfelt response through his every word.

        His works are what literary arts are all about.

    • You’re most welcome Scott. When I share the written works of another it is a visceral response to words well apportioned, transitioned, crafted to capture the imagination and in some way move me to respond in a positive way. I only recently discovered Lauren’s wonderful works and admire where she takes her compositions. She has a gift.

      • Don, I apologize for replying late and I don’t know what to say, either. I’m flattered by your kind words and a little stunned, too. I’ll always call myself an amateur or novice poet, but your words definitely encourage me to continue writing…thanks again!

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