I unlocked the cabinet
so your words could fall out
It’s not that I didn’t hear them
I was afraid to see 
their meaning in your eyes
Who is the wise one?
Just as a butterfly is free
it’s your turn to fly and
no matter the language
you speak

I’ll still wonder why
our paths couldn’t align
Maybe my love
was too strong
and I pushed too hard
Could it be?

It’ll take time for my
emotions to settle
like dust on the shelf
until then
my sobbing will continue
to puncture the silence

 Lauren Scott © 2014

A Taste of Bittersweet

The clock turned a deaf ear
to my desperate pleading, for
its hands have moved forward
rapidly and no matter where
our time is spent, the elephant
is in the room.

You whispered reasons for
leaving, but my vision was
clouded by the love in your eyes
and the romance in your touch.
I gave them little thought.
Now they clutter my dreams
and my heart is heavy.

I cannot bear to lose a part of
me; to watch you walk into the
future without my shadow.
You are my lift to each day in
dawn’s early light and my calm
when the sun sets for a night of rest.

Will our love bear the strength
to connect our paths, never-ending?
Or will this truly mean good-bye
with our souls needing mending?

Lauren Scott © 2014

Amicable Hearts

A universe now altered

since your presence

is ingrained

in everywhere I look

and everything I feel

It’s as though you’re still very real

and yet, it’s your image

that will follow me

indefinitely, so

I’ve tucked the love

that once held your eyes

inside my aching heart

and I haven’t forgotten

your charming smile

I’ll carry them both for awhile

Don’t worry about me

I promise not to break

I’ll miss you, terribly,

but staying close

would be our mistake

When my emotions

have settled

I’ll set you free

and you can look back



© LScott 2012

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