Believing in our union is a strong belief in love
Its power, emotions and all its glory permeate us
Communication and compromise are love’s glue
among the beautiful melody of three words, “I love you”

Love weaves its way through dreams of us together
Eyes say all without words and all needed to be heard
The promise in their colors show love in the heart and
the excitement of love flickering as it did from the start

If you believe in love’s passion then whisper your desire
let me show you all my love can give and let us stoke the fire


Lauren Scott © 2015

A Taste of Bittersweet

The clock turned a deaf ear
to my desperate pleading, for
its hands have moved forward
rapidly and no matter where
our time is spent, the elephant
is in the room.

You whispered reasons for
leaving, but my vision was
clouded by the love in your eyes
and the romance in your touch.
I gave them little thought.
Now they clutter my dreams
and my heart is heavy.

I cannot bear to lose a part of
me; to watch you walk into the
future without my shadow.
You are my lift to each day in
dawn’s early light and my calm
when the sun sets for a night of rest.

Will our love bear the strength
to connect our paths, never-ending?
Or will this truly mean good-bye
with our souls needing mending?

Lauren Scott © 2014