The Answer

You’ve been missing
for some time now
I wonder if you’ll ever
show your lovely face.

I’ve looked for you
in nooks 
and crannies,
in cupboards 
occupied by
glassware and 

I’ve lifted the rugs
lying in my hallway

and peeked in the linen
closet, just to be sure.

Perhaps you’re hiding
in the bathtub, a sneaky
spot to stay and a Psycho
scene reversed.

One last place I thought
to check, glancing under
the bed…the only thing that
stared me back were the dust
bunnies playing dead.

Now I fear my time has
been nothing but a waste,
for whether you arrive or not
I’ll greet each new day with Faith.

Lauren Scott © 2013

33 thoughts on “The Answer

  1. Ohhhhh Lauren! As soon as I read this I thought of Pink. Now I’m not sure if you’re a fan but shes huge here in Australia. She came and did 46 shows here which is massive. Lady Gaga did 14 if thats any comparison. Anyway, to my point. One of Pinks songs is called “How come you’re not here” and the chorus reminds me of this poem exactly 🙂

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