Blue Sky



My eyes are open now

and they see life’s pattern

has changed

I’m sorry I stayed in the sand

forever, it seemed

but the truth is clear as can be

in my lovely blue sky

and I will move on

because I’m ready to fly



(Poem is fiction in the present,
but true from the past)

Lauren Scott © 2013

Photo: Google images

41 thoughts on “Blue Sky

    1. Thanks so much, Chris, and that is exactly what I was conveying about friendship or love…if the time comes, it’s our choice to finally see the light and move on…sometimes, it’s very hard, though, but it’s better than being stuck! 🙂 HBL ♥

      1. You’re welcome! =)
        And take your time! I’ve been only posting old poems lately, since my Muse seems to have left me… I’m searching for a new one, because I think she won’t return anytime soon. I hope my inspiration will come back quickly! I want to write, but the words just won’t come…

      2. Thanks for understanding and I’ve been there, feeling a little panicky, thinking that I’ll never write again. Then inspiration comes from out of the blue, so hang in there. Your Muse will arrive again soon! 🙂

  1. Lovely use of blue sky and notion of flying. I take it that you mean ‘head in the sand’ but having just been for a lovely swim and felt the warm sand on the soles of my feet, I wonder could one ever stay there too long?

    1. Thanks, Jean, and yes, that’s what I meant, relaying to a relationship that is not working out…making the choice to “see clearly” and move on…otherwise, I agree with you about the beach. 🙂

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