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Falling Vessel poem

Before dipping your toes in,
you should know that no
relationship will be
smooth sailing
all the way

It will have its
share of maintenance
to be tended to on
any given day

If you keep an open
mind and store it
above board
there’ll be no cause
for running ashore

Wear trust and

as you would a favorite
shirt , remember
you’re both the captain,
then no one should
get hurt

You can now build
your boat together

Set sail
You’re ready
for any kind of weather

LScott © 2013



45 thoughts on “Clear Navigation

    1. That’s a very nice complement, Sheila, thank you! My book has older poems in it and is in the production phase. These new poems will be in my second book, so I’m already compiling a list! That was the “fun” part, reading all and deciding…have a wonderful weekend! xx

  1. I read this as if it was advice being given to me 😀
    Beautiful writing as always Lauren. I actually read it yesterday and liked it so much that I had to return for seconds today. Sailing and the ocean always add something special for me too. Have a great weekend my precious friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Scott, for all you wrote. I guess the words could come in handy, although, I’m no expert. 🙂 I was inspired by this old photo of mine I came across and decided to try a nautical metaphor. I’m glad it turned out okay, as I’m still learning, I feel. I know you love the ocean and am glad you really liked this one. Have a wonderful weekend, too, my friend. Sending hugs and blessings…

  2. Well written Lauren! A wonderful way to view a relationship … and the building of same! I love to sail, so behind your thoughtful words, the idea of sailing with the one you love is a bonus for following your excellent advice. 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks, Penny, I was somehow inspired by this old photo…the ocean is always fun to write about and I probably do too often! 🙂 Thanks for your kind comment and have a wonderful day! Sending many hugs!

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